F  Forfeit Island / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Complete Lufia II Walkthrough v1.5
I. Table of Contents / Walkthrough: The Beginning
II. Walkthrough: Alunze Kingdom [puzzle: Alunze Castle red/yellow blocks]
III. Walkthrough: Selan [puzzles: ice blocks, Sword Shrine red/yellow blocks]
IV. Walkthrough: Gades
V. Walkthrough: The East Continent [puzzles: growing grass, Phantom Mountain maze, bomb arrow]
VI. Walkthrough: Excerion [puzzles: Flower Mountain maze, Northeast Tower maze
VII. Walkthrough: Artea [puzzle: horse statue maze]
VIII. Walkthrough: Amon
IX. Walkthrough: Dual Blade [puzzles: nine plants, world's most difficult trick]
X. Walkthrough: Doom Island
XI. Equipment List
XII. IP Attacks and Spells
XIII. Items
XIV. Capsule Monsters
XV. Stores
XVI. Dropped Items
XVII. Dragon Eggs and the Ancient Cave
XVIII. Glitch List and Game Genie Codes
XIX. Credits
- Fritz Fraundorf

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