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Frequently-Asked Questions
Q: Can I use your files on my Website?
A: Unless they are marked otherwise, you may use any of Forfeit Island's files freely, provided they are hosted on your own Webspace and not linked directly. Please give proper credit to the original authors. Obtaining their permission before using their files is also encouraged. Before you download all the media from a page to host on your own, however, keep this in mind: There are a lot of Websites out there on the Internet. Instead of creating what is essentially a mirror of all the current Lufia sites, consider how you could make an original contribution to fans of the series.

Q: Can I use your HTML and page graphics?
A: A lot of work has gone into designing Forfeit Island's structure and appearance, so please do not merely lift sections of HTML or layout images to use on your site. This includes the design and layout of the navigation menu.

Q: Can I link to your site? Will you link to mine?
A: Forfeit Island is "link free," meaning you can link to it without asking permission. If you would like to use graphical link buttons (although they are certainly not required for linking), you may find them at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in doing a link exchange or becoming a featured "affiliate," please contact forfeit at electromaz.com with your site's title, address, description, and link button.

Q: Why don't you have Lufia ROMs?
A: The legality and ethics surrounding ROMs are questionable. To avoid disputes with game companies, Forfeit Island does not carry ROMs, including hacked "fan game" ROMs.

Q: Why don't you have MP3s of the soundtrack?
A: For similar reasons as to why we do not have ROMs, we do not have MP3s ripped from the Lufia/Estpolis soundtrack. We will post MP3s of fan arrangements of Lufia songs, however.

Q: File X doesn't work when I try to download it/I can't play/view file X after it downloads.
A: Make sure you are saving the file correctly before you download it. Usually right-clicking/control-clicking and selecting "save link as..." will do the trick. If you cannot access a file because of a broken link, please report it immediately.

Q: Can you e-mail me these files?
A: Sorry, but we have neither the time nor the bandwidth. You'll have to download them all yourself. ZIP files have been provided in the MIDI and icon sections for convenience.

Q: Do you have any more artwork or music that isn't posted?
A: Admittedly, sometimes news is a bit slower to reach Forfeit Island, but we try to make all new media available as soon as possible. We aren't hoarding anything, either; all of our Lufia-related material is posted.

Games and Paraphernalia
Q: Where can I buy Lufia & the Fortress of Doom/Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals?
A: Lufia I and II have been out of print for quite some time, so finding new copies is probably impossible. Your best bet is to look for used copies at resellers such as FuncoLand, or at online auction sites like eBay.

Q: Where can I buy the Lufia/Estpolis soundtrack?
A: Just like the games, the Estpolis I & II soundtrack is now out of print and virtually impossible to find, even on eBay. In the rare occurrence of a copy being put up for auction, it usually sells for upwards of $200US.

Q: What happened to the Lufia game in development for the Sony PlayStation?
A: At one point known as Lufia III: Ruin Chasers, Lufia's PlayStation incarnation has been cancelled. There was some talk about a new Lufia game for a console system, such as Sony's PlayStation 2, but there have been no official announcements.

Note: Forfeit Island's normal policy is to ignore gameplay questions, but here are some of the most common questions we receive.

Q: What happens when you get all of the Iris Treasures in Lufia II?
A: Nothing that affects gameplay, apparently -- But isn't the sense of accomplishment reward enough?

Q: What are the Retry and Gift modes?
A: Retry mode, available in Lufia I or II after completing the game once, allows you to attempt the game a second time with larger experience and gold rewards from enemies. Lufia II's Gift mode is selectable after completing Retry mode. It allows you to challenge the Ancient Cave with whatever party members you like.

Q: How do you get the alternate game endings?
A: There are no secret endings. Sorry.

For more gameplay help, please visit the walkthrough sections or try asking on Forfeit Island Forum's game help boards.

Link Button
Simply copy and paste the following HTML onto your Webpage to create a link button to Forfeit Island:

<a href="http://forfeit.electromaz.com" target="_top"><img src="http://forfeit.electromaz.com/images/fi-linkbutton.png" border="0" width="88" height="31" /></a>

It should appear like this on your page:

Note to Webmasters: Forfeit Island's link button has changed formats from .gif to .png. The old link button has been removed. If you are not using a local copy of the image, please adjust your HTML.

Affiliate Program
Affiliating your Website with others is an excellent way to support your favorite Websites. At the same time, your site will enjoy increased visibility, recognition and, most importantly, new visitors. Forfeit Island offers a simple button-exchange affiliate program: Simply place Forfeit Island's link button (above) as a link in your affiliates area and your button will be displayed beneath Forfeit Island's navigation menu, which appears on every page of the site (excluding Forfeit Island Forum). That's all there is to it. Also, since Forfeit Island has no traditional links page, affiliation is the only way to promote your site here.

If you run a Lufia-related Website and would like to affiliate with Forfeit Island, use the following easy steps:

  • Place Forfeit Island's link button in the affiliates area of your Website, using the above HTML code if you prefer

  • Send an email to forfeit at electromaz.com with your site's name, URL, and a brief description. Either include your link button as an attachment or provide a link to it on the Web. Link button dimensions should be 88x31 pixels. Please avoid any fast-moving animation.
Your button will appear in Forfeit Island's affiliates area after the steps are completed.

If you run a non-Lufia RPG/gaming Website or an art/music site, you are still welcome to become an affiliate. Lufia sites will have priority, however.

If you have any other questions about affiliation, please send an email.

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