F  Forfeit Island / Lufia: Ruins Chaser

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Organizations & Events
Ruins Chasers
The "Ruins Chasers" (hopefully a bad translation of 'ruin chasers' which will change with the U.S. release) are the only adventurers of Lufia III's modern world. They spend their time seeking out and exploring ancient ruins. The six main characters are all ruin chasers.
Doom Island
Doom Island, as you may recall, is the floating island fortress of the Sinistrals from Lufia 1 and 2. It makes an appearance again in Lufia III, this time acting as a base for not only the four Sinistrals, but Arek the Almighty as well. This time, however, nobody knows exactly where Doom Island is...
Operations Doom
Your guess is probably as good as anyone's as to what Operations Doom is all about. Is it controlled by Oracles Cardinal? How is it involved with the mysterious Fire Storm and the Fire Storm ruins? Perhaps this refers to the ruin chasers' mission against the Sinistrals.
Oracles Cardinal
Oracles Cardinal is a group which had a key role in the rebuilding of society. They are wise rulers and do good, yet remain mysterious to the people. They are said to have saved mankind from the Fire Storm, but is this the truth? What really happened?
Fire Storm
The Fire Storm was a streak of fire across the sky, somehow shaped into a cross. At the intersection, new ruins have appeared, which will be important to the story. Any danger from the Fire Storm was evidently prevented by the Oracles Cardinal. Whether or not the Fire Storm will reappear during the game (or if it is an ongoing phenomenon) is unknown.

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