F  Forfeit Island / Lufia: Ruins Chaser

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Lufia: Ruins Chaser
Lufia: Ruins Chaser
Developer:Never-land Company
Publisher:Natsume (U.S.)
 Nihon-Flex (Japan)
Platform:Gameboy Color
Release Date:canceled
100 years after the Doom Island War, new technology surfaces and changes life on the planet. However, this technologically-advanced era lives without the need for heroes such as Maxim, and so they are soon forgotten, along with the legends of the Doom Island Wars. It is during this age of peace and prosperity that a new darkness begins to rise.

300 years following the Second Doom Island War of Lufia 1, the Fire Storm cuts a cross in the sky. A group called the Oracles Cardinal saves humanity from this threat, and then helps the people rebuild their world. Doom Island floats again somewhere in the sky, hidden from view. Arek and the four Sinistrals prepare for their final battle for the planet. Will six ruin chasers be able to stop them?

Organizations & Events

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