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12.13.98The first sounds of Lufia III
Forfeit Island was fortunate enough to be contacted by someone closely-associated with Neverland Company and the Estpolis III project. This person is Yukio Nakajima. Mr. Nakajima has most graciously donated an MP3 file of his work which was played during the Tokyo Game Show demonstration of Estpolis III. While it is not used in the game, it should show people the great soundtrack you can expect with Estpolis III. The tune is a radical departure from Yasunori Shiono's (Lufia I/II's composer) orchestral tracks, but it is appropriate considering the modern world in which Estpolis III will take place. Fans of Lufia II should recognize a familiar melody towards the end of the song. The MP3 is now available in the Music section. A thousand thanks to Mr. Nakajima for this most generous contribution.
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