F  Forfeit Island / Lufia & the Fortress of Doom

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Information on the Estpolis/Lufia II CD soundtrack is located here
Boss Battle (arranged) Karri Junttila
Temple (arranged) Karri Junttila
Castle Towners (dance remix) Karri Junttila
Air Falcon v1.3SinclairC
Air Falcon Rock ArrangePteryx/SinclairC
Attacked by MonstersSinclairC
Battle Theme v1.2SinclairC
Black MarketSinclairC
Boss BattleSinclairC
Castle ThemeSinclairC
Cave ThemeSinclairC
Dead ThemeSinclairC
Destroyed Town ThemeSinclairC
Doom IslandSinclairC
Doom Island Undersea RuinsSinclairC
End TitleSinclairC
Fortress of DoomSinclairC
The Four SinistralsSinclairC
Gate of JourneySinclairC
Guard DaosSinclairC
Inn Theme v1.1SinclairC
Introduction v1.1SinclairC
Introduction (QTMI) v1.1SinclairC
Lufia's ThemeSinclairC
Map Theme v1.3SinclairC
Map ThemeYudukikai
Port Theme v1.1SinclairC
A ReunionSinclairC
Sea FalconSinclairC
Shaia Laboratory v1.1SinclairC
Shop ThemeSinclairC
The Sorrow of PartingSinclairC
The Sorrow of PartingYudukikai
Start Screen v1.1SinclairC
Sub FalconSinclairC
Theme of Sorrow v1.1SinclairC
Theme of SorrowYudukikai
Title/Main Theme v1.2SinclairC
Tower ThemeSinclairC
Town Theme v1.2SinclairC
A TragedySinclairC
Village ThemeSinclairC
Fortress of Doom RemixHenry Truong
Fortress of DoomTSSF
Ending ThemeTSSF

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