F  Forfeit Island / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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The Estpolis Densetsu II 2-CD album (Scitron, PCCB-00170) contains all the music from Estpolis/Lufia I and II. Disc one contains Lufia II music, and disc two contains the rest of Lufia II (excluding Daos' Theme) plus the soundtrack to Lufia & the Fortress of Doom. All Lufia II tracks play twice (with some exceptions), and all Lufia 1 tracks play once. The set is currently out of print, and finding additional copies is extremely difficult. A list of game music retailers can be located in the Contact section.
Track Listing
Disc 1Disc 2
Estpolis II - Part 1Estpolis II - Part 2
01Judgment Day01Deep Blue
02Main Theme02The Whole Silent World
03Estpolis 1 Opening Motif03Over the Sky
04Theme of Town04The Land Nobody Knew
05Golden Slumber05The Turret Forgotten
06The Earth06The Fortress of Doom
07Theme of Cave07The Last Duel
08Battle Theme #108Four Master
09Triumph09Battle Theme #3
10Key Treasure - Comradeship - Skill Item - Treasure10Grief
11For the Savior
11Ending Motif12Ending
12Theme of Village13Pulifia
13Battle Theme #2Estpolis I
14The Mystery Lady14Departure
15Theme of Castle15The Memory of Last War
16Jimmy and Tommy16The Last Duel
17Theme of Labyrinth17Holy Victim
18Mousse18Main Theme
19Metemorphosis!19Theme of Town
20Theme of Tower20Buoyant & Cheerful
21Gate of Journey21Sweet Dreams
22Theme of Shrine22Pulifia
23Despair23Theme of Castle
24Shudder24The Earth
25Hidecka25Battle Theme #1
26The Sorrow of Parting26Triumph
27Wedding Ceremony27Theme of Village
28Rice Shower28Theme of Cave
29In Spring29The Ruins of Dread
30In Summer30Vicious Wind
31In Autumn31Battle Theme #2
32In Winter32Theme of Port Town
33Theme of Port Town33The Sorrow of Parting
34Theme of Mons34New World
35Azure Ocean35Theme of Tower
36Mysterious Tone36The Gate for Journey
37Rexas Labs37Lairl Labs
38Big Shot38Blue Field
39One Hand Gambler - The Game - Got It!39Quiet Shrine
40Under Market
41Game Over
42To the Sky
43The Fortress of Doom
44Four Master of Doom
45Battle Theme #3
46Field Motif
47Again and...

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