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4.27.01New dungeon, combat, plot details
Let's start with a big announcement : Lufia 3 is going to feature completely randomly-generated dungeons, with an auto-map feature to guide the players through. This style of dungeon generation is very similar to the Ancient Cave area of Lufia 2. As far as the puzzle elements of these dungeons are concerned, the hero will still have his "overworld attacks", uses for his sword that allow him to progress through the dungeon, such as using his blade to cut through plants, etc.

Lufia 3's combat matrix makes use of 9 characters in 3 x 3 rows, with the option to avoid combat given to the player with the avoidance of monsters that are visible on the overworld and dungeon maps. The arrangement of the characters in these rows affects their magic and special ability usage.

New plot details include the name of the starting town, Patos Village, as well as in introductory meeting between the game's hero and a mysterious sage named Seena of Northland, who has heard tales of the hero's swordfighting prowess. Seena is unimpressed, at first, but is convinced to ask the hero to help save the world from the Sinistrals after the hero saves a child from a fire.

In further news, and this comes as no surprise, it appears as if the game may have been delayed yet again.

Source: The GIA

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