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5.15.99Lufia III: Ruin Chasers moves to Game Boy Color, drops "III"
This week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Natsume presented a lineup of upcoming games which included a game called "Lufia: Ruin Chasers" for Nintendo's Game Boy Color. After the initial report, speculation ran wild as to where Lufia III's future laid. Since then, Natsume has been able to clarify the report for fans. Yashiro Maekawa, the president of Natsume Inc., was reported to hold a small press session where details were revealed. The surprising truth turns out to be that Lufia III will indeed appear on the Game Boy Color and not the Sony PlayStation, for which it was previously in development. Natsume stated that because of so much demand for Lufia III (imagine that), a version of the game will be released for the GBC, along with another Lufia game for Sony's next-generation system, the PlayStation 2. It's not quite what fans wanted to hear, but it's definitely not bad news either.

Lufia III will reportedly be a groundbreaking RPG for the Game Boy Color, with pictures or footage of the game to come later. At this rate, Natsume should be able to meet its projected 4th Q '99 release date.

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