F  Forfeit Island / Lufia: Ruins Chaser

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Cion The hero of Lufia III. He is skilled with a sword, of course. He may be descended from Maxim, or may be one of the few who remembers his deeds, as heroes like Maxim are all but forgotten in Lufia III's advanced world.
Cecil Cecil looks like the Selan/Lufia figure of Lufia III. She doesn't know anything about her parents, and her magic is said to be evil in nature. Hmm...
Albert Fans of Guy, Aguro, and Dekar from the previous Lufia games should welcome a character like Albert. Albert may share Dekar's love of combat, and he definitely has the sword for it. It looks like he's the elf character in this game. Check out those ears.
Yu What Lufia game would be complete without a Shaia family member to share their bizarre technological innovations? Yu is much younger than Raile or Lexis from the previous two games. That's a dangerous-looking hammer he's got there.
Michelle Michelle is a polite girl who is 'charmed by Albert.' She looks like a healer, albeit a healer with a large gun.
Lily Lily is the last of the six main characters. It's hard to tell what she can do just from looking at this picture, but I know I wouldn't mess with her. She looks tough.
Arek (Lufia II) Arek was a god-like figure in Lufia II, although he seemed to indicate that he too was a Sinistral. Arek will have a major role in Lufia III, as it looks like he will be the main villain, with command over the Sinistrals. Whether or not the world will be able to withstand his wrath will be up to the player. (That's you.)
  Naki is described as having "blue-white" hair. Apparently she is being looked for by two larger organizations. She will definitely have an important role in Lufia III's story.

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