F  Forfeit Island / Lufia: Ruins Chaser

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Box Art & Logos
Lufia III's logo (white background)
Estpolis III's logo
Ruins Chaser's logo
Neverland Artwork
Cion - color
Cecil - color
Albert - color
Yu - color
Michelle - color
Lily - color
The heroes of Lufia 1 are remembered.
The heroes of Lufia 2 strike a familiar pose.
Fan Artwork
Cion flashes a wild smile.Haruki Kurokawa
Cecil gazes with determination.Haruki Kurokawa
Cecil controls powerful magic with her staff.myu
Lily warns someone off.Haruki Kurokawa
Yu keeps to himself.Haruki Kurokawa
Michelle is but a child.Haruki Kurokawa
What could Albert possibly be hiding?Haruki Kurokawa
Other Artwork
A tiny screenshot from the Taito game "Energy Breaker." (Lufia 3 for PlayStation was reportedly similar in appearance.)

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