F  Forfeit Island / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Excerion comes under fire on its final approach to the fortress.
The sealed towers trap Doom Island within a forcefield.
Lufia II's title screen.
The slime juggernaut commends your performance... NEW
...Then savors its victory. NEW
Estpolis 2's Zap. NEW
The Slime Juggernaut, fearsome boss of the Ancient Cave.
Daos has no intention of losing the final battle.
Erim strikes!
Amon attacks at the top of one of the sealed towers.
A goofy-looking tank prepares to fire.
Maxim and Selan do battle with Idura. Plasma Blaster!
A deadly band of jellies could spell defeat for Maxim's party.
Maxim and Co. are attacked by some fearsome-looking crabs.
Gades devastates Maxim's party.
The party confronts Camu.
The unglitched Dual Blade Shrine. NEW
Erim, Mistress of Death, appears past the crystal bridge..
Daos taunts Maxim atop the final sealed tower.
Idura traps Maxim & Co. in a cage.
Maxim finds a lone flower atop the mountain.
The party rushes to rescue a girl from a group of gargoyles.
A bridge forms over the magma.
Maxim's party and the Sinistrals let their energy flows collide.
Daos spits a final taunt at the four heroes.
The Tanbel Southeast Tower is riddled with tricky puzzles.
Guy's sister Hilda is held hostage by Camu.
Maxim scales a tower.
Tia is attacked by monsters.
The wily water washes Berty and Bart away.
Maxim confronts a mystic stone underneath Doom Island.
The Fortress of Doom stands menacingly atop Doom Island.
Amon fires an energy beam at the approaching ship.
The Excerion transforms for its final approach.
A flaming Doom Island falls into the sea.
A promise of things to come...
Lucky 7's!
Arek's fortress is hidden from the world.
Arek the Almighty ponders inside his fortress.
The title screen of Lufia II.
Monsters flee from Dekar in utter terror.
Maxim and Guy prepare to fight!
Maxim arrives at a familiar place.
Master thieves Berty and Bart are caught during a heist.
Dr. Lexis is inspired by a passing ship.
Maxim and Selan observe the scenery in Parcelyte.
Selan beats up a knight.
Dekar stands alone, but with confidence.

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