F  Forfeit Island / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Information on the Estpolis/Lufia II CD soundtrack is located here
Fortress of Doom - Hardcore MixJustus Johnson
Town People (arranged) Karri Junttila
Boss Battle (arranged) Karri Junttila
Capsule Monster (dance remix) Karri Junttila
The Final Duel (arranged) Karri Junttila
Sinistrals Battle (arranged) Karri Junttila
Shuman Towers (remix) Karri Junttila
Dungeon (arranged) Karri Junttila
Air Excerion (Japanese)SinclairC
Air Excerion v1.1SinclairC
Attacked by MonstersSinclairC
In AutumnSinclairC
Battle Theme v1.1SinclairC
BattleHenry Truong
Blue Treasure BoxSinclairC
Boss Battle v1.7SinclairC
A Capsule Pet GrowsSinclairC
Capsule Pet ShrineSinclairC
Castle ThemeSinclairC
Confrontation with SinistralsSinclairC
Daos' Theme v1.1SinclairC
"Dekar's Gone"Nick Jacobi
Dekar's ThemeSinclairC
Destroyed TownSinclairC
Dr. Lexis Shaia's Lab v1.1SinclairC
Dragon MountainSinclairC
Dragon ShrineSinclairC
Eat the Fruit!SinclairC
End TitleSinclairC
End TitleKouichi -GONZO- FUJIMOTO
Flower Slot Win #1 v1.1SinclairC
Flower Slot Win #2 v1.1SinclairC
For the SaviorSinclairC
For the SaviorYudukikai
Forfeit Island CasinoSinclairC
Forfeit Island Casino (QTMI)SinclairC
Fortress of DoomHenry Truong
Fortress of Doom v1.1SinclairC
Fortress of Doom Guitar Remix v1.1aMysticalOS/SinclairC
Gate of Journey v1.1SinclairC
Green Treasure BoxSinclairC
Inn Theme v1.1SinclairC
Introduction v1.1SinclairC
Iris' Theme v1.2SinclairC
Iris' ThemeKouichi -GONZO- FUJIMOTO
Love ThemeSinclairC
Lucky 7'sSinclairC
Lufia's Theme v1.1SinclairC
Lufia's ThemeYudukikai
Map Theme v1.1SinclairC
Map ThemeYudukikai
Map Theme (8 min. version) v1.1-RSinclairC
Narcysus Charm Melody v1.1SinclairC
New MemberSinclairC
North Dungeon v1.1SinclairC
Original Title Theme Arrange v1.1SinclairC
Port Town v1.5SinclairC
Premarl Submarine TownSinclairC
Red Treasure BoxSinclairC
Rice ShowerSinclairC
Sea ExcerionSinclairC
Sealed TowersSinclairC
Secret Skills Cave v1.1SinclairC
Theme of Sorrow v1.2SinclairC
Treasure Sword ShrineSinclairC
Sinistral Battle v1.7SinclairC
Sinistral Battle (QTMI) v1.7SinclairC
Sinistral Battle (Piano)CronoKyle/SinclairC
In SpringSinclairC
Sub Excerion v1.1SinclairC
In SummerSinclairC
Tanbel Southeast TowerSinclairC
Town ThemeSinclairC
A TragedySinclairC
Village ThemeSinclairC
In WinterSinclairC
Boss BattleHenry Truong
Narvick RemixHenry Truong
Sinistral BattleTSSF
Battle ThemeTSSF
Castle ThemeAndrew Melvin
Sinistral BattleTSSF
Sinistral Battle RemixHenry Truong
Loading ScreenYeu Kang Hua {MoDZarT}
Port TownYeu Kang Hua {MoDZarT}

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