F  Forfeit Island / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Maxim Age: 21Height: 178cmWeight: 68kg
Maxim is the legendary hero of the Battle of Doom Island. In Lufia II you will follow his journey from the small village of Elcid to locations around the world as he quests to find the Dual Blade and defeat the Sinistrals.
Tia Age: 18Height: 162cmWeight: 42kg
Tia is the owner of the shop in Elcid and a long-time friend of Maxim. She plays a similar role as Lufia in the previous game, and is also an expert magician.
Guy Age: 24Height: 175cmWeight: 70kg
Guy possess two strong skills: mastery of the sword and a quick wit. When he is not sparring with monsters in battle, he is sparring verbally with Dekar or Artea.
Selan Age: 20Height: 167cmWeight: 50kg
Selan, the commander of the Parcelyte army, joins Maxim and his quest after hearing of the Sinistrals. The two eventually fall in love and marry. As husband and wife, they are a formidable fighting team.
Dekar Age: 26Height: 185cmWeight: 75kg
Dekar, the somewhat dim-witted knight of the Bound Kingdom, brings his tremendous strength to Maxim's party. His unmatched fighting skills cause monsters to cower in fear. During the course of the game, he develops a bit of a rivalry with Idura, a henchman of Daos.
Lexis Age: 35Height: 165cmWeight: 63kg
Lexis Shaia is a genius ahead of his time. He donates many of his bizarre inventions, such as the combustion engine and gunpowder, to Maxim's cause. His Excerion ship makes sea and air travel not only a reality, but a stylish one at that.
Artea Age: ? (84 in Lufia 1)Height: 170cmWeight: 43kg
Artea (not Arty) brings his natural elf talents with a bow to Maxim's side. He uses his holy magic to inflict great damage on enemies. Artea often quarrels with Guy over whether or not elves are truly superior to humans.
Iris Iris, the mystery lady, appears whenever Maxim least expects and drops curious hints about his quest. Why is Iris helping Maxim, and what are her true motives?
Gades Gades, master of Destruction, is the first of the Sinistrals to appear. He gives Maxim's party a glimpse of his dark power by razing the town of Gordovan to the ground.
Amon Amon, the master of Chaos (Terror in Lufia 1), keeps Maxim's party at bay with his destructive magic spells. He also protects Doom Island from any foolish invaders.
Erim Erim waits to meet Maxim's party in person. What kind of abilities can the Mistress of Death possess?
Daos Daos is the leader of the four Sinistrals and the master of Terror (Chaos in Lufia 1). Daos searches for a single weapon with which he may obtain the ultimate power to conquer the world.
Arek The enigmatic Arek the Almighty meets secretly with the Sinistrals within his hidden fortress. Whatever plans he has for the world he chooses to keep to himself... for now.

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