F  Forfeit Island / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Box Art & Logos
Lufia II's logo.
Estpolis II's logo.
Lufia II's box art.
Estpolis II's box art is a bit more dramatic than Estpolis 1's.
Soundtrack covers: 1 2 3 4.
Neverland Artwork
Artea | 212.8.02
Dekar | 212.8.02
Guy | 212.8.02
Lexis | 212.8.02
Maxim | 212.8.02
Selan | 212.8.02
Tia | 212.8.02
The world of Lufia II.
The four legendary heroes gaze towards the future.
An advertisement for Estpolis Biography II.
Selan heals Maxim's wounds.
Fan Artwork
Amon knows no one can beat him.Haruki Kurokawa
The otherworldly Arek hides behind a mask.Haruki Kurokawa
Artea sports a knowing smirk.Haruki Kurokawa
Artea contemplates a change of outfits. Guy reacts in character.Haruki Kurokawa
Artea prepares an arrow with a holy energy.Haruki Kurokawa
Artea, hunter of virtue.Ryuuzaki
Artea weaves some Elven magic.Ashlee
A solitary Artea looks toward the ominous future.Annika Hollnagel
A new take on Artea from the German Lufia II.Katrin Hildebrandt
Dekar gives thumbs up!Haruki Kurokawa
The Child Dekar.Kitt
Dekar poses with his giant axe.Otakon
Dekar during a rare moment of calm.Otakon
Tension between Dekar and Guy builds.Kitt
Dekar dons an intense stare.Katrin Hildebrandt
A friendly Dekar extends his hand. (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Dekar: Blood and Dust (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Daos holds his enemies at bay with a chaos wave.Haruki Kurokawa
Erim provokes some unwitting adventurers.Haruki Kurokawa
The deadly Erim remains calm even during a battle.Birgit Prodinger
Erim, mistress of life and death.Birgit Prodinger
The giant Gades scowls.Haruki Kurokawa
Guy, the quintessential oaf.Haruki Kurokawa
Guy from Tanbel (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Perhaps Iris can see the future...Haruki Kurokawa
The ever-enigmatic Iris.Katrin Hildebrandt
Iris imparts her wisdom from beneath her cloak.doc
Lexis is perplexed by a complex device.Haruki Kurokawa
The Child Lexis.Kitt
Unmistakably Maxim.Haruki Kurokawa
Maxim holds the baby Jeros.Haruki Kurokawa
Maxim wields a fierce blade.Haruki Kurokawa
Maxim wields his blade.Birgit Prodinger
A rare glimpse of Tia crying.Haruki Kurokawa
Tia, ever contemplating her emotions.doc
Tia manages a smile.doc
Selan casts a healing spell.Haruki Kurokawa
Selan holds her magical staff.Kouryuu
A battle-style animation of Selan walkingThe Master
Selan casts a wafting spell.Birgit Prodinger
Selan, the magical wife, controls magic energy.Ryuuzaki
Selan takes a casual glance over her shoulder.myu
Selan gazes wistfully into the distance.Katrin Hildebrandt
Selan assumes a fighting stance.Birgit Prodinger
Selan stands proudly before Parcelyte Castle.Katrin Hildebrandt
The friendly heroines of the Lufia series.Haruki Kurokawa
The four heroes of Lufia II.Kitt
Waiting for Maxim.Kitt
Maxim and Selan reunite with Dekar and Guy within a shrine.Katrin Hildebrandt
Maxim's party and the Sinistrals commence the final battle.Monty
A series of battle-style icons: Maxim, Selan, Guy, ArteaThe Master
A partial cast of Lufia II.Birgit Prodinger
Tia and Maxim pose side by side in a peaceful village.Katrin Hildebrandt
Artea and Lexis enjoy a calm moment. (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Camu kidnapped Hilda! (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Bart and Berty (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Dinner with Tia (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
Selan's Training (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
The Missing Key (full size)Katrin Hildebrandt
A rendition of the Dual Blade.Arek_Daos81
Dekar's axe and sword, in their less deadly, unwielded state.Arek_Daos81
Everyone's favorite foaming capsule pet, Foomy.SinclairC
Other Artwork
The Estpolis 2 hostess is definitely not a shy one.12.11.02
Estpolis 2's sailor is getting on in years.12.11.02

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