F  Forfeit Island / Lufia & the Fortress of Doom

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The Hero
The Hero You, the hero, are an Alekian knight in training and master of the sword. When the Sinistrals begin to reappear, you travel the world in order to investigate. Since you are a descendant of the great hero Maxim, your ultimate quest is to find the Dual Blade, the only weapon that can defeat the Sinistrals. Age: 17
Lufia Lufia first appeared in Alekia when you were both small children. Over the years she has become your best friend, and although at some times she can be a bit stubborn, there remains a strong bond between you. She joins your quest despite your wishes that she be safe at home. Her magical talents will give you a sizeable advantage against any foes. Age: 16
Aguro Aguro is the stalwart commander of the Lorbenian army. You run across him in Treck and he will join you after you secure a boat back to Lorbenia. Aguro's brute strength is a valuable asset in battle, although he has no skills with magic. Age: 20
Jerin Your party meets Jerin under some unusual circumstances, and afterward she is eager to help you out. As a half-elf, she is trained both with the bow and with magic. Lufia becomes jealous of Jerin after she joins, resulting in some interesting conversations. Age: 28
Maxim Maxim was the original wielder of the Dual Blade and the hero who defeated the Sinistrals at the Battle of Doom Island. Unfortunately, he never returned from the battle. Age: 21
Selan Maxim's wife, Selan, was a powerful magic user and was present at the Battle of Doom Island. She too, however, died shortly after the battle. Age: 20
Guy Guy was a master of the sword and went with Maxim to Doom Island to defeat the Sinistrals. He managed to escape intact and went on to command the Guy Legion. Age: 24
Artea Artea, an elf, joined Maxim's party to rid the world of the evil Sinistrals. He succeeded and escaped with Guy, but was blinded in the fight. Age: 83
Gades Gades, the Sinistral of Destruction, is the first Sinistral you come across. His fearsome sword is capable of destroying waves of those who might challenge him in a single swipe.
Amon Amon, the master of Terror, uses a trident and powerful magic spells to crush his enemies.
Erim Erim, mistress of Death, commands the most powerful magic in the world and also holds the power to revive the other Sinistrals.
Daos Daos, leader of the Sinistrals and master of Chaos, watches the world from inside the fortress of doom, awaiting your party's arrival and what he thinks will be their inevitable destruction.

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