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9.6.2001Retailers suggest a later release for The Legend Returns
In the seemingly endless saga of delays, Lufia: The Legend Returns may have hit one final setback. According to several online retailers, the next chapter of the Lufia saga will be arriving closer to the end of the month, rather than in the first several weeks as previously reported by Natsume. Electronics Boutique reports a ship date of September 25, while GameStop has the title's launch set to a week earlier, on the 18th. While not a retailer, game support site GameFAQs lists a September 26th release, suggesting that the 25th-26th timeframe is the more accurate of the two. There is no word from Natsume as of yet about any release date change, but again, the previously announced "beginning of September" release was merely a projection.

With cartridges already in production in Japan, this seems like it should be the last delay, although fans who have been following the drama surrounding the next Lufia game should know that nothing is ever what it seems.

Oddly enough, GameStop and GameFAQs both report The Legend Returns' publisher as Crave Entertainment, although this is likely incorrect as Crave's involvement has never previously been mentioned, and conversely, Crave's Website makes no mention of The Legend Returns.

Thanks to Gades for the news tip.

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