My Happiness, My Sorrow
A lufia poem told in two different point of views.

Author's Note
This fanfic is told from two point of views, the first part is told in the hero's point of view. The 2nd part is told from Lufia's point of view and its about her time as Erim.

The happiness of the hero
My Life is full of adventure
With surprises at every turn.
My friends stand beside me,
Helping me out when I need it.
Every day I fought
Perils after perils
Never failing
My friends
Who help me believe in....

The Sorrow of Lufia
My Life is full of Sorrow
That begins at every turn.
I try to change my ways
But my brothers won't let me
They say I am the mistress of death
And I have to hurt millions of people
Yet I don't want to.
For I am in love
With a young boy
A boy name Max
Descendant of Maxim
A brave warrior
Who fought my brothers
On my home, Doom Island