Lufia: The Resolution


            The world of Lufia is set into its place in the universe, and time.  The earth begins to mature as weapons, and meachines, are beginning to arise… But all should know, where there is light there is darkness, where good resides, as does evil.  Sinistrals attacked the world of Lufia soon after their first millennia. These foes met their match with 7 warriors of light. Maxim, wielder of Dual Blade.  Selan, Queen of the magic arts.  Guy, the master swordsman. Artea, the all knowing elf.  Dekar, former world champion.  Lexis, the brilliance behind them.  And last Tia, a maiden pure of soul. They came up to the challenge, and won….

            A century later, Chaos reigns supreme.  The Sinistrals return through the reincarnation of Erim, as Lufia.  Maxim’s descendent took on the challenge of finding the buried Dual Blade, which Maxim used to save Parclyte a century ago.  He is joined by Aguro and Jerin, to re –confront the Sinistrals.  Even as the Sinistrals pulled the nonstop attack, even risking their lives to form Guard Daos, they fail once more….

            But the Sinistrals shall always reside as long as the Absolute lives.  The villain Arek resides at the Armageddon Castle, with his trusted servants, Egar (from another story) and Redain.  The believes he is well hidden from the world, as his castle is invisible from the sight of light. But now a new warrior has arisen to take the stand. His name is Zac…


We first join Arek with a talk to Redain….


“Redain, come forth!” Redain appears in front of Arek, “How many years since our last conclusion?” He glances at Egar, through his omnipotent power, which is asleep and dreaming of his family, which was destroyed at Gordovan.


“Lord Arek, it is truly time!” He shows an hour glass, “Eighty-Five years since your last attempt, now you must reincarnate Erim!”


Egar dreams of the losses that the Sinistrals have already taken.  Arek becomes enraged.


“Egar! Come forth!” He snaps his fingers and Egar is struck with Arek’s energy and is forcibly teleported to Arek’s chamber. “Egar, why do you think of these thoughts, you are a servant of the Sinistral, live up to it.” He releases Egar from his grasp.


“May I ask sire?” He takes a cocky step toward Arek, “Every time you fail, because every time you make to many assumptions, I recommend that…” He pauses, noticing Arek’s facial expression, “You, defeat them on your own.  You may create the Sinistrals again if you wish, but to succeed you must do it yourself.  Not even Guard Daos can stand against you!”


“Grand Idea!” Arek smiles with pleasure, “Redain, turn on the “Super Sight” so I may see the descendent of Maxim and the other Hero.”


Redain pulls the curtains and presses a large ON button.


They show the world of Lufia once again.


“Sir, if you wish to resurrect Erim do so now.” He bows and walks into his chamber.


“He is different,” quotes Egar.


Redain is not human. He came from the Sinistrals world, it is barren, dry and useless, and some how possesses great strength, only Arek refuses to reveal it to him.  Egar on the other hand is 100% Human.  He came from Gordovan, rescued by Arek before Gades smashed it into oblivion. Both are exactly opposite from one another.  Redain wishes to become Arek’s right hand man, Egar on the other hand just wants to live his life as he can.


“Egar, you have been one of my most devoted servants, don’t fail me now, friend.”


Egar shivers at the sight of Arek calling him “friend” and walks away into his chamber.


“Hmm, Now what was that Erim spell? Oh yes.” He begins to chant, “Sedag, Noma, Mire, Soad, Kera, now is the time!” He then creates a blue haired baby, Erim incarnate, and sends her to the world of Lufia…



Part One Zac and His Friend, Denil


Sup, I’m making this 1st person okay. I am Zac.  I live in this village called Rodanz, with my best bud Denil. We hang out and spar with each other.  My rival Azade often wants to fight me.  So far the score is 0:0, surprised.  Oh well… It starts of with Denil and I during school.


Teacher “Class, today we learn about the Doom Island Wars,” He pulls down a projector screen. “The Doom Wars were really just folktale from the people back 200 some years ago.  We now will learn of the Divine Continent today, the super-being believers.”


We watched a film about this guy Maxim, who traveled the globe in search of “Sinistrals”.  Denil took serious notes, I just sat back and watched.  Then entered a blue haired girl, the most gorgeous chick I ever did see, and she took her seat beside me.


Teacher “Oh yes, someone please,” Mikey in the front turned off the projection, “This is Syden Lufia Mire, please take a seat Syden,” She took a seat beside Denil.  Denil, in a state of nervousness, put down his pencil and greeted our visitor. “Please start the clip over again Michael,” Mikey hated being called Michael, he still started up the clip. “Oh yes Miss Syden we were watching old folklore, the so called Battle’s at ‘Doom Island’.”


I could tell she knew more about it than my teacher.  She was peaceful, yet sorrowful of something. 


Zac      “Hi I’m Zac pleased to meet cha,” She didn’t care, she looked into space, somehow still looking at the projection, “I would be glad to show you around.”


Denil   “Hey I’m Denil, the best knight left in Rodanz.” The teacher made an angry glare at Denil, and he shut up.


The video clip was extremely boring.  Nothing but facts, facts, facts.  The only interesting part was when the notes of Genius Lexis Shaia were displayed.  He had written an essay on Maxim, Selan, and Guy, and the supposed “Sinistrals.”


Syden  “Zac,” She spoke.  When she said my name I shuddered for some reason, unknowingly, “Zac, I would like to… know more about you.” Denil did his smart thing again, rub his chin and squinted his eye.


Zac      “Love to. Hey maybe Denil can come, want to Denil?” She nodded no, while he nodded yes. “Uhh.” I thought, best friend or new girl, hmm. New girl was issue #1 right now. “Denil, talk to ya afterwards,” He grunted and went back to his schoolwork.


After School I took Syden around town with me.  I told Denil to stay nearby, if he wanted, just don’t interfere with her privacy.  He stayed home that evening.


Zac      “And this is the item shop, supposedly put up 300years ago.” I pointed to the sign that said 860D.S. (During Sinistral) “I come here with Denil often.”


Syden  “Zac, in history today….” She noticed Azade’s posse coming down the road.


Azade Flunky             “Hey Zac, who’s the chick?” He laughed. I could see a kindle of fire burning in Syden’s eyes; it frightened me to say the least.


Azade  “Zac, lemme guess you finally found someone stronger than that Denil guy to hang around with huh?” He pushes me back.


Syden  “No!” Her voice sent chills down my spine and Azade’s posse. She seemed under some kind of control for the moment and started to cry. Denil came rushing towards us.


Denil   “Azade, I swear to kick your ass!” Azade was still in shock as was I, “What’s going on!” He stamps his foot.


Azade Flunky2 “I’m out of here!” Both flunkies run away, leaving Azade in the dust.


Azade  “But what about Zac and Denil!” They were too far away now. “Great…” He had an obnoxious stare when I glanced at him.


He stood there waiting for the next moment….



                                    Part Two My Quest Begins


Azade, Denil, and I watched Syden cry. We couldn’t stop to help her, or help ourselves from moving.  Even Azade is courteous to women and hates to see them cry.


Azade  “Syden, I’m sorry.” He struggles forward, “I promise not to bully you, Zac, or Denil anymore.” She continued to cry.


Denil   “If it was my fault, I am deeply sorry.” He takes a hard step too, “I will make it up to you, maybe a date!” Azade and I gave him a wicked stare. She continued to flood the streets.


My turn! I was pretty tense, but unlike the other two, I followed my heart.


Zac      “Syden, want something to eat?” She looked up at me, smiled almost, “I’ll get you whatever ice-cream you want, my treat!” The other two glared at me.


Syden  “Yayyy!” We did that fall on our face thing.


Azade and I became good friends over the next year.  Denil now actually is quieter in school, and Syden and I are dating. But always I sensed something bigger was over our heads, always watching, following our every step as if we were at war….


Mean While back at Arek’s Armageddon Castle….


We join Arek in his moment of happiness!  Egar is also present during this, while Redain is recruiting monsters.


Egar     “Same old, Same old, huh boss,” He sits down at a dining table and scarfs down a plate of navaroa.


Arek    “Huh, you’re eating phantom fish!” He hovers over Egar’s head. “Tell me how does it taste.


Egar     “It tastes like everything I’ve had since I’ve been here.” He chews on another flavorless piece of navaroa. “I mean what god-forsaken place is this?” He swallows his piece and stands up, “Everything here is manageable. There is NO, time, age, taste, smell.  I don’t even need to bathe here!”


Arek    “Yup, this is my palace, palace of perfection.” He flies back to his chair and stares at Egar again.


Back on the World of Lufia


Zac, Syden, Denil, and Azade are all 18 now.  They have jobs as apprentices or knights.  Zac and Syden have opened their little print shop.


Zac      “Wow, Two years, dang” He looks at Syden, “I met you when I was 16, in history class remember,” She was cooking in back, so she probably didn’t hear.


Then all of a sudden BOOM! There was a grandeur of bombs lit up at Rodanz Castle.


Zac      “Oh crap, Denil!” I rushed out the door. When I arrived at the castle I met a dying captain.


Knight Capt.   “Huh, oh Zac, take my sword.” He had a brass-gold sword that glimmered in, hope.


Zac      “Sir I don’t…” He shushed me and told me, “The sword teaches, not the person.”  He then breathed his last…


Denil   “Zac!” He and Azade rushed over. Denil had a bad scar over his left eye. “Don’t worry bout my eye, it’s an old scar.” He looked at the sword.


Azade  “No way!” He checked the insignia on the sword, “’Ronnie J. Dio’ the Capt. sword!” He literally kneeled before me.


Zac      “Whoa, I ain’t your Captain!” I jumped back and bumped into Syden.  She was angry.


As she began to lecture us I noticed this, shadow. I believe Azade and Denil were looking too. There was a pure black shadow floating bellow something.  We ignored it for now and returned to our jobs.


Part Three, Sinistrals Reunited


Arek    “Yes! Gades you are truly a mastermind at destruction!” Gades knelt bellow him.


Daos and Amon were also present, also kneeling, but Egar remained standing.


Gades  “Thank you Master Arek,” He stepped back and the other two followed.


Amon  “Lord Arek, where is Erim?” Arek began to laugh like crazy.


Egar     “Remember about 101 years ago. The plan was to revive Erim and bring back you guys, well same plan only better…


Arek    “I have chosen to play my Trump Card in this game.” They thought of what it could be, until Egar announced Arek’s Resolution to become the last resort. “If you all are defeated again, I will have to wait another 85 frickin years to revive Erim. Instead I will crush them if you fail.”


Daos    “Sir, I will win this time!” Arek was displeased.


Arek    “Consider this the 3rd strike.” Fail me again and I will use you for spare parts!”


Egar     “Redain has arrived Arek,” He opens the chamber door and a super charged Redain pops in. “Ahh I see. No need for troops huh.”


Redain had merely trained the weaklings to absorb them into his being. Redain was calm and collective, meaning his power was not truly visible yet.


Arek    “Imbecile!” He uses a mental clutch and crushes Redain, “I trained you to train troops, not yourself!” He released his grip and Redain crashed into the floor. “May that be a lesson.  Never crave the absolution!” He turned around and walked through the wall to his secret chamber.


Amon  “Daos, we need to re-create Doom Island.”


Daos    “True, Mister Egan come here.” Egar got a little pissed.


Egar     “What is it Mister Daot?” Daos got a little pissed.


Daos    “I have a job for you. Locate Erim on earth and take her to Doom Island. Do Not fail me or Lord Arek.” Egar walked into his chamber and equipped himself for his mission.


Gades  “I think this place needs some of that new stuff. Indoor Plumbing Yeah!” Gades has a serious constipation/diarrhea problem, which will not be talked about anymore, and causes him to make Destructo-Waves.


Arek returns to his big throne. Gades walks forward and presents his idea.


Gades  “Master Arek, have you heard of Indoor Plumbing?” Arek rattled in surprise and decided to take a nap. “Sir this is an important issue!”


Redain finally lifts himself off of the floor.


Redain “I am going to retrieve it,” and he left.


Amon  “It?”


Daos    “Not before me Redain!” and he left.


Amon  “WHAT IS IT!?”


Gades  “You should know,” He pointed at his sword,


Amon  “Dual Blade…”


Part 4 Hero’s Venture



Back to Earth now for some venturing. Our four heroes leave off to search for treasure, trouble, and Terror itself.


Denil   “Where to?” He pulls out this huge map, “Lets see we left Rodanz, the closest village is huh, wait a minute,” He turns the map upside down, “Oh cool Alekia!”


Azade  “Hmm history always repeats itself,” Denil had already ran about twenty-five yards, “Whoa wait up,” The others caught up to Denil, “Don’t do that again!”


About a day later we arrived at Alekia.  The city was calm, the castle was grand, at Denil and Azade sure loved the pubs.  Syden and I went to visit a grave dedicated to Maxim.


Syden  “Maxim,” she reads the quote, “Man who conquered Evil.  Whatever, Ahh monsters!”


We both turned around, sharply.  There stood a man, normal man, with two lizard men bodyguards.


Normal Dude  “Miss Erim,” He holds out his hand, “please join me at the Armageddon Castle.” She took a step backwards, “Now, now don’t fight with me, I do have a reputation to uphold with master Arek.”


Denil and Azade rush over to the graveyard.


Zac      “Arek?” I think for a moment, “Wait Daos said before he died, ‘It is so ordained by Arek the Absolute!”  I drew the sword given to me, “Stay back Syden.” I charged forward only to be frozen in place. “What!”


Egar     “One way or the other, come now miss Erim.” He teleports behind Syden and catches her in a lock. “I will stay alive, and I will serve Lord Arek,” He teleports way leaving the two lizard men.


Denil   “Zac what about them.” Denil and Azade made quick work out of the lizards, “Easy pie!”


Azade  “But where is Syden?” He looks around, “Lemme guess those lizards were servants of a higher power that belongs to the super power?” We did another fall on our face thing. “Well we need to find out were to go next.”


Zac      “Do I care?” I started to run. I didn’t believe this Sinistral junk I wanted Syden back, and to kill the man who kidnapped her.


Denil   “Well uh we need to visit Portravia, A.K.A Shaia Laboratory,” He made his smart chin rub, “It’s gonna take a while though…”


We stood there thinking of every way we could get there.  Then it hit me, A ship.


We raked up all of our money, we decided Azade and Denil’s pay will cover the ship; mine will cover the other stuff. We boarded the Excalibur and traveled into the west.


Denil became very sea sick during our journey.  He would sleep, eat, up-chuck, eat, and upchuck some more.  I was beginning to learn how to use a sword as well.  It almost came natural to me, before I only played with bokkens, but now I was virtually a full-fledged knight.


Soon afterwards we encountered a huge hurricane, later known as Hurricane Dekar, and we crashed on this Triangular Island, with two similar ones nearby.


The town was spooky. There was and enigmatic sense behind this village of Narvick…


Saga Two: Super Beings


Denil   “Great our ship is busted, were out of money, and we’re in the middle of nowhere!” I could tell he was pretty ticked.


We entered the city.  The people seemed very familiar to me.  I had red hair like most of the young men, and all the young ladies had blue hair like Syden’s.  They gave me the shudders when they looked at me.


Azade  “These people are creepy Zac,” He began to draw his sword. An old man began to approach him.


Old Man “Good,” I had no idea what good meant, “Everyone!  The descendant of Maxim has returned!” People flooded the street, “Ahh yes any friends of yours are friends of ours. You must prepare for the battles ahead of you, come with me.” 


We followed him into a small shack.  Inside was an average room, with an average door.


Old Man “Time for preparations yes!” He gave us Zircon Equipment, “Fine warriors, here are your armaments. Zircon Blade, Axe, and Twin Sabre,” He gave us the weapons. “Behind you is a room where you must face the horrors of Hell itself. Have fun!” He left the cottage and locked the door behind him.


Denil   “Fine,” he almost broke the atmosphere with the axe, “Hell to Heaven I say!” He entered the room.


Azade  “Time to see what I have!” He followed Denil.


Zac      “Wow, I am Maxim’s descendent, defeater of the original Sinistrals!” I laughed and entered the little room.


We fought through hell for countless days.  Every battle caused a struggle, and we won though and the more we learned the stronger we became.  I had no urge or need for food or sleep.  Just to fight.  After many battles we came across a replica of Doom Island.


Zac      “Doom Island, so that’s our destination.” The old man began to send us a telepathic message.


Old Man “Beat the Sinistrals here, and you shall be ready when you return.” The message ended.


We traveled up the great hall.  Gades awaited us. Or at least a Gades replica.  We started battle with Gades.


He was much stronger than the normal monsters that we have battled.  His strength and power were more than we could handle.  Then I realized that I stood no chance without the Dual Blade.  Gades blasted us with multiple Destructo-Waves until we retreated back to the cabin. The door unlocked.


Old Man “Hah!” He ran over to me. “Of course, I total forgot about Dual Blade. You must find it before Daos or anyone else!


Azade  “How strong are they really?”


Old Man “About oh give or take 10times stronger than those.” Fear struck my heart. If Gades was that strong there then how in the world were we supposed to beat him here, not to mention the other Sinistrals. “Don’t worry. You are chosen to defeat them, and no one can face another’s destiny.” I thought about Arek.  He was the final, and was the final decision to all things. Death or Life, no way around either. 


Denil   “So we need to get, Dual Blade, then we can beat them?” The old man shook his head no. “We are still too weak, we need to train more.”


Old Man “If you must train, go to the 3 towers on each Island, I’ll let you borrow my hover boat.” He gives Azade the keys to the “Floater”.


He left the room. Stricken with doubt, doubt that even we don’t stand a chance against them. We traveled up the first tower. Monsters there were extremely tough. We almost gave away halfway if it weren’t for a cure marker.  At the top there was a rusty helmet.  I almost started cussing, until I tried it on.  The rust gave way as soon as I had touched it. The helmet was made of Divine Pearl and possessed a unique aura. The next two towers were very similar, and I received a divine armor and shield. Down at the bottom was a man, not Gades or the kidnapper, but an average man with purple hair and an Evil aura.


Stranger “Huh, so you beat me! Thank god Daos didn’t beat me to them, now I won’t need to put up a fight!” He began laughing.


Azade  “Who are you?”


Redain “My name is Redain, the strongest Sinistral!”


Denil   “Whatever, your not any stronger than a Gades replica!”


Redain posted himself into an energy stance.  His aura rose drastically, so much the tower began to tremble. Then another person appeared, a woman.


Woman “Redain, master Arek does not approve of your actions,” She was very similar to Syden, her face, eyes, and even voice. “Come with me!”


Redain “You’re going to have to beat us first Erim!” She stared at us, like Syden, “Yeah if we beat you all the Sinistrals will have to be reincarnated after another 85years!”


Erim    “Fools.” She merely lifted her hand and we all collapsed, paralyzed. “The mistress of Death will not play this game again!” She crushed our bodies when she clutched her fist. All four of us shrieked in the unbearable pain. “Death is a lot less painful, next time.” She and Redain both teleported away.


Zac      “Syden, Erim?” The thoughts burned into my mind like a plague. “Syden Lufia Mire. Mire is Erim backwards.


Part One The Destructor,


We returned to Narvick.  When we returned we saw Gades ready to kill the town elder. Gades sword was on the elder’s throat.


Old Man “Go ahead!” Gades then chopped off his head.


Gades  “What head!” Then he began an evil laugh. “You humans are so funny, and you make the best jokes before you die!”


Denil   “Shut up!” Gades began to laugh at the sight of us. “What you want a piece?  Come on then!” Denil charged at him only to be smacked upside the head.


Zac      “Denil!” Azade and I charged head on. “Gades, I may not have Dual Blade, but I WILL win!”


Gades  “HAAHAHHAHA, Destructo-Wave!” Just before launching Destructo-Wave Denil slashes him on the back, creating a large scar in his armor, “Ouch you little…” He Throws Denil at me, while Azade viciously attacks.


Azade  “Taste Steel!” He uses his IP to generate a FireStorm attack! “Burn in Hell!” The torrent of flame spun towards Gades.


Gades  “Try this! Destructo-Wave!” But FireStorm had stopped him from finishing. “Ow! Hot, hot, hot!” Gades ran around like mad. 


Zac      “Hey Gades! Too hot for ya?” Gades was running around like a lunatic. “Now guys lets finish him!”


We threw ourselves at the burning giant.  Gades was still extremely powerful, but seemed equal to his replica now.


Denil   “Try this! Triple Strike!” His Hydora Rock powered up his Zircon Axe and he slashed Gades with 3 blows in one. “Booya!” Gades face was covered in blood, but before we could beat him he teleported away somewhere. “Cheap!”


Meanwhile at the Armageddon Castle…


Arek    “Thank you Mario for getting us some indoor problems.”


Mario  “Noa Problem! It’s a mia, Mario!” Gades then teleported inside, still burning. “Mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball!” Mario jumped really high and landed near a pipe. “Call me if any problems!” then he went down.


Amon  “I hate plumbers.” He decided to eat some chicken. “I wonder where Daos is,” He yawned really loudly and then got himself some Mountain Dew and some Popeye’s chicken.


Gades  “Ahh,” as he sat down in a toilet with the lid up, “Oh we have indoor plumbing!” He got up closed the door and let out some loud Ahhs and Oohs that were heard throughout the castle.


Arek    “Yes, that’s how I felt!” Erim teleports inside, holding a beaten up Redain in her hand. “Erim!” He hovers beside her. “So Redain’s trying to find kill them before me.” He slaps the fainted Redain awake. “Imbecile! No more of this. You will remain here!” Erim drops Redain to the ground.


Egar     “Lord Arek, now may I ask? What comes next?” Arek went over to Egar.


Arek    “My friend, Redain has collected an army for me.” He points at an extraction chamber, “release the army for me, will you.” Arek returns to his throne.


Gades  “Erim! Good to see you!” He almost gives Erim a hug before he stops, “Sorry, but you should try using that toilet. I had the best time of my life!” Erim looks at the un-flushed toilet. She walks over and sits across the table from Amon.  “What’s wrong Erim?”


Erim    “He is really pathetic,” She gets what’s left of Amon’s chicken. Egar joins her. “Sometimes, Egar, you act more like a Sinistral than anyone else.” Gades rips a large fart in the background and Redain rushes to his chamber. “Gades please don’t be so disgusting.”


Amon  “You are the Sinistral of Destruction, not, Vileness!”


Arek yawns and leaves to his secret room. All the other Sinistrals begin quarreling over who is better.


Somewhere else…


Daos    “Yes, I’m getting closer.” He Raises his Right arm and creates an army of the undead, “Soon Arek, I Daos will own Dual Blade! Then not even Maxim’s descendents will not beat me!


Undead “Sire, Dual Blade has been lost for many generations. We can’t truly retrieve it, and besides Erim, Lufia, absorbed the blade and it was destroyed.” Daos raised his hand and blasted that zombie into oblivion.


Daos    “Idiot. Erim is alive and so Dual Blade is on earth somewhere!”


Back to the Heroes


Zac      “Gades wasn’t that tough!” I flashed my sword. “Some Sinistral.”


Azade  “We still need to get off of this rock,” He looks at a letter written by the elder. “Huh what’s this?”


Message “Warriors of light, the hovercraft has a warp valve inside. If you use all your energy, you should be able to get to Portravia, there you will find an airship. Good Luck and God Speed.”


We traveled back to the hovercraft. He was right, there was a warp engine, but its energy was extremely low, one of us would have to give all his power into it as the other two drive the ship.


Azade  “I will power the ship, you guys drive.” He placed his hands on the energy valve, “Go!”


Denil and I raced to the wheel. Azade had already began to power the machine.


Azade  “Comon! I Azade Tormetaov will not fail! HA!” All his energy had been placed into the machine, “Punch it!” We hit to GO button and lucky for us it worked. “Zac, you may not hear me,” Azade was in dire pain, “Sorry for all the crap. Good-bye Zac, save Syden will ya.”


We found his lifeless body on the floor. We removed his armor and accessories, and gave him a proper sea-burial that evening.


Part Two The new members


Denil and I arrived at Portravia that evening. I got a room at the Inn. There Denil and I discussed the recent events.


Zac      “Okay, lets see. We met Syden 2 years ago, She is Erim incarnate. Arek revived her to revive all the other Sinistrals. The Sinistrals are very powerful. Gades has a weakness to fire, and there were those other guys Redain and Egar. Egar has no super being energy waves. And during our trip, Azade died heroically, to supply our ship with enough energy to warp to Portravia. Is that about it?” Denil had already fallen asleep. “Good thinking.”


The next day we went to the Shaia laboratory.  Everyone there made Denil and I seem like cavemen.  We met a young genius, supposedly the greatest grandson of Lexis Shaia.


Lexis Jr. “So Sinistrals have returned eh? Well no matter, Let the brains do the thinking for you! Alexa!” A young blonde in a science coat came up to us. “Alexa prepare an airship for these men. And I also want you to help them in their journey.”


Denil   “What? She hardly looks like a fighter.”


Lexis Jr. “Yes you’re right, but she can cast magic skills like no other!” He turned around and did Denil’s smart chin maneuver, “She is mute though, so try not to make her feel out of place.”


Alexa held up a note “Dr.Lexis, the Airship you requested will be finished by tomorrow. What do you wish to call it?”


Zac      “I say we call it…” I though for a name for a second, “Call it the Azade!” Denil seemed pleased as well. “Well see you tomorrow  I guess.”


Just before we left Dr.Lexis rushed over to us. “Well you do need another soldier don’t you. My Grandfather Lexis the First made friends with Dekar, and I have made friends with his relative, you should head to Bound Kingdom sometime.


Denil   “Sure, I’ll head over there tonight.”


I kept thinking of all the recent events. My friends, enemies, and others who helped and will harm me.  I didn’t get any sleep. I was still lying down when Denil returned with a tall, rugged man, with Blue spiky hair.


New Guy “Sup, Call me Dekar! I was named after my Grandpa Dekar the First!” He held a large axe in his hand. So need help with the Sinistrals? No need to fear Dekar is here!”


Denil   “Why did I ask this guy to join? Sheesh, I’m going to bed.”


The new guy kept us both up all night.  I swear Denil and I were about to cut his head off. Lucky for him we were nicer than the Sinistrals. The Azade was magnificent!


Zac      “Wow. Say what is the hull made of?” Lexis went on with his talk with Dekar.


Alexa’s Notepad “We ran out of Phantom Tree, so we made this out of processed Zircon. The overall protection is actually much more durable and tougher than the tree bark.”


Denil   “Shut up Dekar!” They were quarreling over who was stronger than the other. “No I’d whoop you. Bring it on then!”


Zac      “Stop it Denil, Dekar. We are on a mission to save not just Syden, but the planet.” I walked into the cockpit. Inside was the Engineer, a mister Raldolf.


Raldolf “Pleasure to work with you sir.” He was very polite and correctly mannered. “Um, where to sir?”


Dekar  “Whoa, wait up Zac!” The tall buffoon entered the ship, same time Denil did. “Stop pushing already!” Alexa took the side entrance to get inside.


Zac      “Alright Azade, show us what you got!” The engine made a big clunk sound, then the fans began to twirl, and then we were airborne! “Alright!, Mister Raldolf, to the Sacred Shrine please.”


Dekar  “Sacred Shrine? Isn’t that the place where your attributes grow 10fold?” He was in a mode of excitement.


Raldolf “Sacred shrine it is!” And in about five minutes we arrived at the Sacred Shrine…


Part 3 Amon at Sacred Shrine


Back at Armageddon Castle…


Egar     “Lord Arek, I have brought you your army.” He waves his hand and a thousand Dragon Knights flood the floors.


Amon  “Did Redain think, he had enough?”


Arek    “Quiet Amon, good job Egar!” He looks at his new army, “Splendid, Redain did a good job didn’t he Erim? Where is Erim?”


Gades  “She had errands,” as he was screaming from the bathroom. “Amon, what is this paper beside the toilet?”


Arek    “Gades, that is toilet paper.” Gades nods his head in confusion. “It is for wiping your ass after you use the commode.”


Amon  “May I ask sire, what is in that room?” Amon talks about Arek’s secrecy. “Some new weapon of mass destruction?” Gades makes a happy sound.


Arek    “Since you asked I will show you.” Using his omnipotent powers Arek floods Amon’s mind with images of the room. “Twelve and counting!”


The room is small, but wide. And a dozen people are lined up against the wall.


Amon  “What no way…” The people Amon see are the hero’s who defeated the Sinistrals. “Maxim, Selan, Guy, Tia, Dekar, Lexis, Artea, Maxim Jr., Lufia, Aguro, Jerin, and Azade… “But How? Why?”


Arek    “I use them for pleasure. I brought them here, to realize the end of our world Amon.” He cuts off the image. “If he wins then time shall be parted to all humans Amon, but if they fail we Sinistrals will rule. That’s fair, right Amon?” Amon was still in shock.

“Anyways go to the Sacred Shrine, I would like for you to become as strong as Daos, incase of emergency.” Amon bowed, and teleported to the sacred shrine.


Egar     “Where shall we send the troops Arek?” Arek tells him to place them into the drop zone cellar, where they can be easily dispatched around the globe. “Yes Master.” He snaps his fingers and they drop into the lower floor.


Our team enters the Sacred Shrine. They pass through all of the obstacles, monsters, and traps. Finally they enter the main room. Amon appears before them.


Amon  “Not again!” He looks around, “Wait, you can’t beat be!” He raises his spear, “You were lucky last time, that elf girl sacrificed herself to stop me.” He began a cynical laugh. 


Alexa   “You are wrong!” She brushes her hair back revealing she is an elf.


Everyone Else, Including Amon “Whoa!”


Alexa   “Yes, I am the direct descendent of Artea, un-like Jerin, the half-elf.” She begins to cast a spell.


Amon  “Well um, dang!” He begins to chant the only spell he knows, “Chaos-Wave!”


The Fry spell and Chaos-Wave collide, causing the building to shake.


Denil   “Whoa. If you win, I’m gonna marry you!”


Dekar  “Uh, right…” Dekar could care less.  He liked pretty lights.


Amon  “Girl, I am not going to give up that easily, HA!” The Chaos wave increase its magnitude.


Alexa   “No, I’m going to destroy you for good!”


The Fry spell and Chaos-Wave continued to flow. Several minutes passed until Dekar gets bored.


Dekar  “Fudge this,” he draws out his Thunder Axe, “Yo Amon, try Thunder Shriek!” Dekar used about half his IP to generate a Super-Lightning Strike!


Amon  “Huh, what is that?” Amon stopped his wave, and was hit by Fry and Thunder Shriek, “Ah no!” The golden armored giant still stood. “Ouch, I will return, and you shall die, HAHAHA!” He teleports away.


Dekar  “So that’s why you never talked inside the laboratory, huh?”


Alexa   “Nope,” Dekar fell on his face, “I just was never able to talk before.” She looked at Denil, blushing, “What now Denil? You said you were going to marry me. Well?”


Denil   “Uh, sure but after we save the planet, okay?” He remained quiet after that.


Alexa   “Okay with me!” she turned around to me, “Well lets go and get what we deserve, into the room!” We all followed Alexa.


Zac      “Huh, this is it.” There was a blue puddle encased in golden glass. “So do we drink it or what?”


Dekar  “I say we use those,” he points at 4 grails, “We both get an equal cup.” He puts his grail into the puddle and lets it fill up. “Here I go!” He takes a sip. He begins to make faces, just to scare us. “ Man that was awesome! I gotta get the recipe!”


We all took our share. I felt ,well, stronger, and faster, and smarter, braver, just about all the above. I had little fear of Amon or anything else. I held my sword high. “Time to find  the Dual Blade.”


Part 4 Once and again!


We stopped by Alexa’s hometown. There she got a legendary bow, left there by Artea. She also got a change of wardrobe, which appealed to Denil and Dekar. Arty’s Bow had a message though, the fifth shot will reveal the Dual Blade’s location.  We only had four arrows left for the bow though, and normal arrows would fail to work. Anyways we decided to head for the tower of Truth, and discover our true intentions…


Back at Armageddon Castle


Gades  “Master Arek, come quickly!” Arek flew beside Gades, “Master the light fixture!”


Arek    “Yeah, what about it?”


Gades  “It looks like a smiley face!” Gades was slapped upside the head until, he ran and locked the bathroom door. Amon returned then with a nasty scar on his left check.


Arek    “Amon, you didn’t get there again,” Amon merely turned away in shame, “It’s alright Amon, you’re always the conservative one in our group.” Amon teleported to his chamber, around the time Gades unlocked the door, and Redain entered.


Redain “What was that about.” Gades then told Redain not to be stupid. “Shut up you stupid moron!” He slapped Gades upside the head. Gades ran back to the bathroom. “He is not bright, but certainly, destructive. Remember last night, Lord Arek?” Arek didn’t listen.


Arek    “I wonder what’s taking Daos? And where in the world is Erim! Egar, locate Daos for me, Redain, find Erim, now go!”


Both    “Yes Master.” They both teleported to the last known point. 


Arek    “I’m alone now…Time for a little fun.” He enters his special room. “Ah yes. You, will be my victim today!” He releases Dekar(Original).


Dekar  “I’m gonna beat the f#$% out of you Arek! BLAST MASTER!” He tries to power fist Arek.


Arek    “Ah, okay,” Arek’s phantom body doesn’t feel Dekar’s impact. “Comon, I am some flesh and blood. Here hit my face.


Dekar  “Fine BLAST MASTER X!” He hits Arek in the Face and lands on the floor. Arek doesn’t even have a scratch. “No way! It took me over a century to perfect BLAST MASTER, no!” Dekar is pushed against the wall and re-chained.


Maxim “One day Arek! It may not be tomorrow, or next week or the next millennia, but we will beat you!” Arek slaps Maxim’s face.


Maxim Jr. “Yeah go Grandpa!” Everyone cheers for Maxim.


Arek    “No more!” He casts Fry and shuts them up. “I will let you live as long as you keep your damn mouths shut!” He leaves the room.


Guy     “I think I know how to break the chains,” He loosens the chain’s link to a point.


Artea   “Guy, not yet,” Guy stares at him like he was crazy. “If we do it now we will parish easily. Wait for them to confront Arek, that will be our signal.”


Aguro  “Good thinking, I was about to draw the conclusion myself!”


Our Heroes have made it to the top of The Tower of Truth.


Zac      “Okay, time to reveal our destinies!” I opened the door and there was Syden, completely unharmed. “Oh God Syden!” Just before I rushed to her, Alexa stopped me.


Alexa   “Look into the mirror,” She points at Syden’s reflection, Erim. “You forgot about that.


Zac      “Do I seem to care!” I rushed over to her and she blasted a hole through my gut.


Denil   “Zac! Syden how could you!”


The mirror image flipped over, and Erim replaced Syden.


Erim    “Idiot, I knew you all would come here.” Egar appeared across the hall.


Egar     “Master Arek, I have located Erim, please turn on the Super-Sight!


Erim    “I am only doing as he wishes ,Egar, no need.”


Egar     “Arek wishes to see their demise against the Mistress of Death.”


Denil   “Do I care!” He and Dekar Pull out their Axes, Alexa places an arrow and aims her bow, at Erim. “Vile Witch!” He lunged at Erim, and they squared off one on one ,for a moment, until Dekar jumped in to assist him. Alexa shot 2 arrows, both missed.


During the commotion Egar came beside me as I lay there, almost dead.


Egar     “Get those bastards back! Drink this and you will be healed. Trust me!” I didn’t care at the moment, good, bad, human, Sinistral, hero, or villain. I drank it. “Good boy, I told Arek to switch to Super-Sight so that he would focus on the battle not me. You wound should heal when I leave.”


Alexa fired the last two arrows, the first one hit, leaving itself stuck in Erim’s shoulder.


Erim    “Hah! Your bow is out of arrows, you will never win!” She was wrong, in the mirror there was one arrow left. Alexa focused on her image, and shot.


Alexa   “Erim, last one, till we find Dual Blade!” She shot the arrow and it shattered Syden’s image in the mirror.


Erim    “What, what is happening!” Erim split into two people, Erim and Syden, and between them Dual Blade…



Saga Three: The Finale…


Egar teleported away that instant. I felt my stomach, just come back like new, and I stood up and made a dash for the Dual Blade. But before I could reach it Daos appeared, and stole it from me.


Daos    “Prepare to die humans! Terror Wave!” It failed, “Huh, TERROR WAVE!” Still didn’t work, “TERROR WAVE, TERROR WAVE, TERROR WAVE!!!”


Zac      “Dual Blade is pure good now Daos,” I merely raised my hand and it came to me. “The hour of Judgment is coming Daos, Are you prepared?”


Erim    “Daos, time to leave! Warp!”


Daos    “No more of you though, TERROR WAVE!” He aimed at Denil.


Denil   “Oh Crap!” Denil rose his shield, but still knew it couldn’t save him. Dekar jumped into action and took the blast for him.


Dekar  “See you later Denil!” Dekar dropped his axe and charged at the mighty Wave. “HA!” The explosion shook us out of the tower, literally.


Denil   “Zac! Zac your alive!” He was almost in tears. “Whoa, *Sniffle* I almost thought I lost you buddy.”


Zac      “Well, we lost Dekar, damn.” We all thought of how great he was. Stupid but strong, that was him in a nutshell. “Oh yeah Syden!” I rushed over to her, her shoulder had an arrow wound. “Quickly to the Azade!”


We rushed her to the Azade to check our wounds. Mr. Raldolf is incredible, a pilot, doctor, lawyer, politician, and collage professor.


Raldolf “Okay she should be fine now,” as he finished wrapping her arm. “Quite a shot, this person had really good eyes, right at the joint.”


Denil   “Well, it’s time now, Zac.” We nodded our heads in sync.


Raldolf “Well, If you want to find this Armageddon Castle, we should go back to Portravia, they recently developed a “SONAR” that detects movement and sound.”


He kicked the Azade into top speed, back to Portravia.


Dr. Lexis “Ms. Alexa, you’re back!” He gave her a hug, “So glad to see you’re safe!”


Alexa   “Glad to see you too Lexis,” the doctor stood there a moment, with an odd expression, “Yes, I learned to speak…” before the doctor could pick up, Egar appeared.


Denil   “You!” He drew out Dekar’s Axe.


Egar     “No time. I will give you the location of the castle, someone bring me a map!” Dr. Kirmo Jr. brought Egar a nicely detailed map. “There it is.” He points at a lone island, with lots of trees around it. “If I am wrong, which I am not, kill me here and now.”


That Egar guy had something to him. He reminded me of the people in Narvick, their cold stare, but yet there was a kindle of flame, which drove him to save my life.


Zac      “I believe you. You may go or stay here if you wish.” Denil disagreed with me, but I would never turn down someone who would save my life. “Lets go.” Egar teleported back to Armageddon Castle.


On the way to Armageddon Castle.


Arek    “That makes a baker’s dozen.” Everyone in the room made a curious face except Amon, who knew what he was speaking of. “Egar! Where is he?” Egar teleports to Arek’s chamber and rushes up to Arek. “Ah yes Mr. Egar. Please, what is it?


Egar     “Well,” he smirked, “The warriors are coming this direction, now!” Arek turns on the Super-Sight. “See they used a Sonar device to locate our castle. We have about five minutes before they get here!”


The Sinistrals snapped to attention and took their respective places.


Arek    “Mr. Egar, that is not all is it.” Arek sensed Egar’s emotions. “Go ahead, do it.”


Egar     “Fine,” He punched Arek square in the face. “Go ahead, MR. AREK, DO THIS MR. AREK, GO TO HELL MR AREK!” He attacked Arek with such rage, that Arek himself almost couldn’t control.


Arek’s face was covered in blood, the first time Arek has ever bled…


Arek    “Damn you Egar! ABSOULUTION!” He casts the Ultimate Wave and Egar sucks it up like nothing. “No way!” Arek decides there is only one way to stop Egar. “ABSORB!”  Egar is absorbed into Arek’s being. Arek becomes whole again. “Yes! Now I can show my face!” He removes the steel mask revealing a young man with silver hair. “Redain! Come here!” Redain appears and greets Arek.


Redain “Sire, what is it?” Arek hovers over the foolish man.


Arek    “Redain, time for you to join Egar, ABSORB!” Arek’s hair becomes a purplish, silver. “Yes I crave the Absolution!” Arek begins to laugh, menacingly.


Zac, Denil, Syden, and Alexa, arrive at the, now hovering, Armageddon Castle.


Zac      “Where’s the light.” Suddenly all the lights flicker on one by one, Gades reveals himself.


Gades  “Here’s where I put my mind!” He draws his Gades Sword, “Mere Humans, I was on fire that time,” He seems to examine Zac’s Sword, “Huh, is that, DUAL BLADE! No matter, Destructo-Wave!”


Dual Blade’s Light is so powerful it reflects Destructo-Wave, and makes it pure light.


Gades  “NO, Destructo-Wave failed!” He looked around, “See ya!” He runs up the stairs.


Denil   “Coward!” We run up the stairs and find Amon waiting for us.


Amon  “Bout time, Chaos-Wave!” It too, is reflected by Dual Blade. “No Chaos-Wave! I’m outta here, wait up Gades!” He follows after Gades.


Alexa   “Serves you right, Amon.” We came to a glass bridge.


Daos    “Just Cross it! You know that I’m making a test of fear,” He continues to ramble on about his bridge, so before he gets finished we cross it. “What, that was a trap, crap!” But before we could use the teleporter, Erim arrives.


Erim    “Gades and Amon were weak compared to me.” She lifts her hand, “Devastation-Wave!” Nothing happens, “No, DEVASTAION-WAVE!” Erim’s magic hand been destroyed when Dual Blade re-split Erim and Syden. “You still stand no chance! Daos can do it, he has held Dual Blade before!” She teleports away.


Syden  “My darker side,” We used the teleporter and found all 5 Sinistrals.


Daos    “Dual Blade, I am your true master! Return to me!” Dual Blade shone a brilliant light, which did not bend toward evil, “Fine then, TERROR-WAVE!” Dual Blade reflected it just the same. “No. SINISTRALS UNITE, GUARD DAOS!”


They combined into Daos’s being, forming Guard Daos.


Arek    “Now is the time. Remember Daos, three strikes your out for good!”


We attacked Guard Daos with all of our might.


Zac      “Dual Blade guide me.” The Dual Blade’s light was at a new peak. It was as if the universe rotated around it. “WAVE MOTION!”  I pushed my self to the brink.


G. Daos “SIN-WAVE!” The Power of Dual Blade and SIN-WAVE collided, and only one could win. “NO, I will not fail Arek!” Then the power of my Wave Motion cut the beast in half.


Arek    “About time, now for the ‘parts and pieces’,” Arek absorbed Guard Daos, becoming Sin Arek.


Sin Arek “Now I rule the Universe!” He makes the floor collapse and leaves him and I left hovering, Dual Blade holding me up. “Fool, that sword is all that I need for complete absolution, I shall take it from you!” He draws his SIN BLADE.


We clashed swords for what seemed like eternity, both of us equal, both on opposite sides of the Universe. 


Zac      “Dual Blade, we must win this one, for Earth, for home.” I continued my battle with Sin Arek, Devil Incarnate.


Sin Arek “Boy, you are strong of will, but not strong enough!” He powered up to his maximum. “Now PERISH!” He attacked me once more, he became much faster. I took more blows and gave less hits. “Die Human!”


“Now!” The Thirteen Heroes; Maxim, Selan, Tia, Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Artea, Maxim Jr., Lufia, Aguro, Jerin, Azade, and Dekar Jr. surrounded Sin Arek. “Prepare Arek! HERO-WAVE!” The beam of pure light severely damaged Arek and empowered me. Still the airborne battle waged on.


Zac      “Arek, I will beat you! Wave Motion! My empowered spirit became even stronger, “Now die Arek!” I gave him many slashes, but he still didn’t die.


In Arek’s Mind,


Amon  “Time to give him a piece of my mind!”

Gades  “I am not stupid! I am purely destructive!”

Erim    “Death is upon and in you Arek!”

Daos    “May Terror strike your black heart!”

Redain “I was wrong, but you were never right!”

Egar     “Now is the time Zac! Kill the bastard!”


The power of the Sinistrals combine and paralyze Arek for the crucial moment Zac needs.




Zac      “So they do have a heart. Now for a little chant, “MAXIM! TIA! GUY! SELAN! DEKAR! LEXIS! ARTEA! MAXIM JR.! LUFIA! AGURO! JERIN! DENIL! SYDEN! AZADE! ALEXA! DEKAR JR.! Remember these names as you die Arek!” I imbued all my power into Dual Blade and gave Arek the death sentence…


I didn’t hear the rest…I died that moment. But from what I did hear from the man above is that Arek collapsed within himself and sucked his Armageddon Castle into Hell along with him. My friends rejoiced, even those whom I never knew, like Maxim. They believe they owe me so much.  It is I whom owe them…




Reason Behind My Story


I Have NOTHING better to do. Sorry if seemed like a long epic or novel.


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