A Day Away

Chapter One

"Think fast!" Kevin exclaimed.
"Hey, I don't think!" Daniel retorted while catching the bag Kevin tossed him.
"It'll be nice to get away for awhile, won't it?" Lana asked nobody in particular. "And it will be nice you could join us too, Daniel."
It seemed only seconds had passed since Daniel arrived in Videoland, when in reality it had been several days. He had come from Earth just as Kevin, more commonly know as Captain N: The Game Master. Daniel and Kevin's skill were practically equal. Daniel had even been supplemented with a Game pad and Zapper as Kevin was. Some other members of the N-Team, who consisted of Kevin, Princess Lana, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, and Kid Icarus, wondered who would be the leader now. But Daniel stepped down, for he knew that Kevin had more experience than himself, and he didn't want to anger the Game Master with impeachment. Not smart to make enemies when you had only been in a place for less than an hour.
It happened while Daniel was playing his Nintendo in his room. He was deciding whether to play a Mega Man game, or a Zelda game. Before he could make his choice, a swirling blue light opened in his TV. Daniel froze, knowing the Power was off. The strange field sucked him up, and Daniel landed at the foot of a huge mountain. All around him were sparkling lakes, barren deserts, murky swamps, spectacular forests, an amazing white castle, and of course a huge mountain behind him.
Daniel stood and dusted himself, not knowing what to do or where to go. So, he went along the side of the mountain, headed for the castle. On the way, he noticed something lightly padding his side and waist. He looked down and was amazed to note he had a controller-looking device and a gun of some sort.
He pulled out his gun and examined it. It looked a lot like one of the toys that was compatible with the Nintendo he had. He decided to try it, of course. Before he knew what was happening, and Octorok popped out of no where and was dashing Daniel. Daniel jumped, but composed himself quickly enough to retaliate.
I am using a Zapper on an Octorok...What am I doing?
That last thought was not considered before he pulled the trigger, and the enemy was destroyed. Daniel fell down, not because he was expecting a kick, which he wasn't, but because the blue laser shot out his Zapper and even defeated the Octorok.
Daniel looked at the weapon in disbelief, and decided...he didn't know what was going on. Daniel gathered himself and stood, continuing his treck.
When his adrenaline was about calmed, he felt two blue claws grab reach around his head and clamp on is mouth, and he was pushed into a small circle of blue light-much like the one his TV sucked him through.
When he opened his eyes after landing on a rough stone floor, he saw he was in a cave of some sort, but only the floors deceived this fact, for there were cool white blocks of marble on the walls and ceiling. There was a throne to his right, a dark red rug going from the throne to the outside of the room, torches mounted on the walls, and a strange glowing golden triangle behind the throne.
Daniel looked puzzled and approached it. He couldn't get past the throne, however, and pushed against the clear force holding him back. Obviously not glass, because he shot it with his Zapper and nothing happened.
"Don't bother trying to get to it, there is a force field only I can remove." A voice sneered from nowhere. "Tell me how you arrived on Death Mountain, boy."
"Death Mountain?" Daniel said glancing around the room. "That place doesn't exist! It was made up!"
"Oh? Where do you think you landed? The moon?" The voice sounded angry. After a slight pause it continued with an easier voice. "Look at the jar next to my royal chair." It urged. Daniel turned with a look of anger and confusion.
There sat a small bottle with an odd creature in it. "The Octorok?" Daniel asked, taking a step back. "Indeed. You are no ordinary boy, are you?"
Daniel crossed his arms and raised his Zapper. "I like to think not." He said. "Who are you?"
A swirl of purple smoke came up between Daniel and the door, and it had small pinpricks of purple-gold light flash in a circular pattern around it. The figure materialized into a hideous creature with a red shirt that didn't go across his chest and purple pants. It had the face of a boar, but it was blue and had no hair, and the yellow beaded necklace hardly accented the bone pitchfork with a skull on it.
"My name is Ganondorf Dragmire, but all my enemies know me as Ganon." It said, narrowing its pink, pupiless eyes.
"Ganon?" Daniel asked with a trickle of fear rising in his spine. "What is going on here?"
"That is what you will tell me." Ganon growled. "You are obviously some sort of mage, or else you couldn't have popped up on my heavily guarded Death Mountain without being detected by my monsters."
"Mage?" Daniel was taken aback. "You must be joking!" Daniel eased his hand toward his Zapper.
"I never joke." Ganon said silently, furrowing his brow. Ganon started for Daniel slowly with his pitchfork ready.
"L..Look, maybe we got off on the wrong foo..er, paw." Daniel replied with his eyes locked on the weapon. "I'm Daniel, and you're Ganon, right? Well, you have nice taste in decoration, 'cause these are the best torches I have ever seen!"
"SILENCE!" Ganon boomed. "Tell me how you can travel between worlds, boy, or I will destroy you with a simple motion of thought!"
"Look, I DON'T KNOW!" Daniel said, instantly infuriated. "Keep a low tone with me, child, or I will demonstrate my power on you." Ganon countered.
"KEEP THIS!" Daniel shouted, his Zapper blazing at the evil one. "Argh! That was a mistake, you fool! Prepare to be obliterated!" Ganon howled.
Ganon spun his pitchfork in the air, and threw it at Daniel, who ducked and fired back. While Ganon's pitchfork was returning, he shot a thunderbolt, which struck the floor in front of Daniel, knocking him to the ground with an additional few extra meters between him and his foe.
"Ohhhh...?" Daniel said, suddenly wondering what the controller on his belt was for. "Here goes nothing, and probably me along with it!" Daniel said to himself as he pressed the UP arrow on the directional pad.
"YAHHHHHHH!" Daniel said as he was hurled straight up, but he was glad he did it, because the area where he was seconds ago was engulfed with flames from the fireball Ganon launched.
Daniel shot his Zapper on his decent, and landed on his feet right in front of Ganon. Ganon fell backwards from the unexpected onslaught, and Daniel picked up his pitchfork.
"Now, now. If you don't play nice..." Daniel raised the pitchfork high into the air. "....THEN NEITHER WILL I!" He shouted, bringing the pitchfork into the cavern floor as hard as he could, shattering it.
Ganon growled and teleported behind Daniel, and jumped up, landing so hard he shook the entire room.
"Your life will end now, boy!" Ganon yelled, raising a fist encased in a purple light.
Chapter Two

Before either could say anything more, Ganon was shot with two arrows, both in his wrist. "ARRGGHHHH!" he wailed.
"Good shot Zelda! You too, Kid Icarus!"
Daniel saw a group of people rush into the battle, two of which had just helped him, the ones with bows. The others were supplementing their own attacks.
"HAHAHA! Nice try, princess!" Ganon said, pulling out the arrows with his good hand. There weren't any wounds!
"But you and I both know these aren't the arrows to use against me!" Ganon sneered, raising the arrows high and snapping them in half.
Another member, dressed in green clothes, travel boots, and a floppy garb on his head, ran by and slashed at Ganon with an amazing sword. "Yahhhh!" Ganon sounded, suddenly shaking. He had a large cut on his chest, with a white light seeping from it.
"No, but these are!" the blonde girl who Ganon referred to as 'princess' said as she armed her bow with another arrow, a silvery colored one.
"Until another time boy! And then you, Link and Zelda!" Ganon shouted, teleporting out, along with the strange golden triangle in the back of the room.
"Aw, he got away!" Another said, who was dressed in a yellow shirt and jeans, and an unzipped red jacket with a big black N on it.
"Uh, thanks. That guy was too much for me." Daniel said, offering a hand to the one who slashed Ganon. "I'm Daniel. You?" The other smiled and took the proffered hand. "My name is Link. And this is Princess Zelda."
"Princess?" Daniel said. "Yes. I rule Hyrule." Zelda said.
"Hyrule?" Daniel said. "This is NOT possible! Ganon, Death Mountain, this is all in a game! It was made up!" Daniel staggered back.
"Hey, did you say a game?" The boy with the red jacket said. "My name is Kevin, Kevin Keene." "Where are you from? Castlevania?" Daniel said with a laugh.
"No, actually, that would be me." Another said. He was a tall guy, blonde, and had a whip and a traveler's backpack. "I am Simon Belmont, vampire slayer from Castlevania."
"Simon Belmont?" Daniel slapped his forehead. "This...this can't be!"
"Mega hi!" another still said. A small package, his suit alternated between dark and light blue trimmings, and one of his arms was formed to look like a cannon. "My name is Rock!"
"Rock?" Daniel repeated. "Mega Man? Is that you?"
"Who else?" Mega Man said with a grin, deforming his arm cannon. Link stepped by Daniel. "And this is Kid Icarus."
"Kid Icarus." Daniel repeated, staring at the small flying boy, smaller even than Mega Man. He had a bow and quiver of arrows strapped to his back, and a white toga tied at the waist. But the most distinguishing feature was his velvety-white wings.
"That's me-icus!" Kid Icarus said. "But my real name is Pit." Kid Icarus glid down and landed next to Daniel. "And this is Princess Lana."
"Hello Daniel." She said. Her outfit consisted of pink clothes simply wrapped around her body, with white and purple trimmings. She had long brown hair and green eyes.
Daniel sat down. "What's going on here?" He said for lack of something better to say. "You guys, for the most part," he said, looking Lana and Kevin over, "Are just characters from some games! How is all this happening?"
"I was getting to that." Kevin said. "You from Earth?" Kevin asked. "Yeah. I was playing a game, and this odd portal sucked me up, and next thing I know..." Daniel shifted. "Death Mountain." He said the words like they were sour.
"The same thing happened to me!" Kevin said, kneeling down and taking a seat as well. "I ended up on Central Island, though."
Before he could continue, a big earthquake shook the mountain. "Whoa. We better get out of here, and fast!" Link said, pointing to the door.
Just as they all got out of the room, another tremor powered through the mountain, and the room they were in collapsed. The dust that rose made everyone hack and cough.
"Ugh. Come on, lets keep going. This whole mountain could be next." Kevin said, waving some dust away. The group began to run down the hall, and after a small series of turns, they emerged into daylight.
The party worked their way off Death Mountain and continued for the castle. "So, I suppose that's North Castle down there, right?"
"You got it." Link replied. "That is where we keep the Triforce. Well, part of it anyway. Ganon has the other."
Daniel turned. "Is it a big golden triangle?" he asked. "Yes." Zelda answered. Daniel looked ashamed. "Damn. I saw the part of it Ganon had. I couldn't get to it, though. He cast a Barrier over it."
"Don't worry about it." Lana soothed. "We will get it sometime. Then Ganon won't stand a chance."
They got to the Castle, and Link and Zelda went inside with a wave goodbye. Then the N-Team and Daniel went into another warp, with a slight hesitation from Daniel, and they all arrived in the Palace of Power.
"So...Tell me something about yourself, Daniel." Kevin said, pulling up a chair and sitting in it backwards. "Well, I turned 16 not that long ago, and I, uh, like games!" Daniel said with spunk.
"Me too. That's why they call me the Game Master." Kevin said with pride. "Care for a game?" Kevin said, drawing his Zapper.
"This should be fun." Daniel followed Kevin back outside, where there were Kevin set up some small burlap targets on a log.
"OK. Here is a simple game of aim." Kevin grinned. "Heh. I'm a poet and don't know it!" Daniel followed it. "You'll make a rhyme every time!"
Kevin gave him a noogie. They were becoming fast friends. "Anyway, all you gotta do is aim..." Kevin lined up his target. "...and fire!" Kevin blew two away at once, leaving three for Daniel. "Here ya go. Blow 'em away!" Kevin said, offering his Zapper to Daniel.
"Aw, that's OK, Kevin." Daniel said gesturing an open hand at the Game Master. "I've got my own!" Daniel whipped out his Zapper and eliminated two, missing the third on the last shot.
"Figures." Daniel said with a look of disgust.
Kevin was still staring at Daniel's Zapper. "Da...Daniel, where did you get that?"
Daniel shrugged. "I had it when I got here. Pretty cool, but no big deal, right?" Kevin grabbed Daniel by the wrist and dragged him back inside at a dead sprint.
"LANA! EVERYBODY! Get in here, NOW!" In a few seconds, all of the N-Team was there, including Duke.
"What is it? Mother Brain?" Lana asked with worry. "No! Good news!" Kevin walked up to the group and leaned into it, facing Daniel and pointing his thumb.
"We have another Game Master!" Kevin said giddily.
Chapter Three

"What?" Simon asked with his mouth open. Lana walked up to Daniel and noticed his Zapper for the first time. "Daniel! The Ultimate Warp Zone must have given you these!" She said looking the weapon over.
"Ultimate Warp Zone?" Daniel asked, drawing out his Zapper and handing it to her. "Yeah. I guess we didn't explain how all that happened." Mega Man said. "That's what brought Kevin here in the first place, and mega gave him his Zapper and Power Pad." "Yeah. Do you have a Power Pad to-icus?" Kid Icarus asked.
"Oh, this ol' thing?" Daniel said with a girlish southern accent. He pulled up his shirt so everyone could see it. The belt it was strapped to went over his shirt, but the shirt was pulled up some, and loosely draped over it, so you probably wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it.
"Yeah!" Kevin replied. "That is almost as important as your Zapper." Lana elaborated. "Hmm. I tried it once, but I don't know a lot. What else makes it special?" Daniel said, running his fingers over the buttons.
"Well, it can make you jump super-high, as you tried, and dash in any direction at incredible speed!" Kevin said. "Look. I'll demonstrate." Kevin pressed a button on the directional pad, and zoomed around the room several times and was back where he began in seconds.
"Wow!" Daniel said, looking over his with a new respect. "And, there is one other feature." Kevin said with a grin. "PAUSE!" Kevin walked around the frozen people. Daniel turned over his arms and hands. "Guess I'm not affected." Daniel said. "Probably not, since you have the Pause capability too." Lana said, holding completely still.
Kevin turned. "Those affected by Pause can still talk, just not move." Kevin said. Daniel had a mischievous grin. "So, I could put a curling iron to Simon's hair, huh?"
"I would not recommend it!" Simon returned. Everyone burst out laughing, and Kevin unpaused them. "Be careful, though, because Pause is one of the biggest strains on the Power Pad's energy."
"What energy?" Daniel said again with curiosity. "This energy is what lets your Zapper and Power Pad do all those nifty things. See that green section of lights on top of your Pad?" Lana pointed out.
Daniel gazed at it. "It's about two-thirds full." he said. "Yeah. For every beam you fire, second you dash, and time you pause, it uses energy. But don't worry. We can refill it using the Sunstone." Kevin said with knowledge.
"Sunstone?" Daniel asked anybody willing to reply. "That's what powers the Palace and the force field outside. We didn't have to pass through it, because we warped here from Hyrule." Lana remarked.
"Ah." Daniel pulled out his Zapper and examined it. "Anything else I should know?" "It had a fire and ice setting." Mega Man said. "See the switch on the side?"
Daniel looked at it and clicked it over one notch, back to the other setting, and onto normal again. "That will be handy." Daniel said holstering the item.
"You know..." Lana trailed off and on, "...technically, if the Ultimate Warp Zone chose Daniel, the he..." Lana smiled and handed the rest over to someone else to finish.
"Then he should be on the N-Team-icus!" Kid Icarus finished.
Kevin tightened his lips and approached Daniel. "Would you be willing to join us, Daniel?" the Game Master offered an open hand. "You have already proven your skill by standing up against Ganon the way you did!"
Daniel looked at it, then all of the hopeful faces of the other members of the N-Team.
Daniel grinned and took the hand. "I accept."
It had been almost a week since that glorious day. The very next day Daniel's induction into the N-Team was made official, and everyone helped celebrate. Link, Zelda, Dr. Light, Break Man, and of course the N-Team.
Daniel recognized Dr. Light and Break Man from Mega Man's world. They were his creator and brother respectively. Daniel was kinda glad to see Break Man show up, knowing his reclusive spirit. He would leave to go exploring for a few days, pop up when you least expected it, and leave before you could even find out about him being there.
"Hey, Break Man!" Daniel said, giving the red and white clad robot a slap on the back. "Hey there yourself!" Break Man returned with a winceful look on his face. He was rubbing the area Daniel smacked.
"Oh. Sorry about that." Daniel said, removing his shield. "No offense, but I thought you were super strong!"
"Sure am, but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings." Break Man said. Daniel shook his head with a look of sorrow. "Oops. I knew that. I know lots about you and Mega Man, like your fascinating condition that makes you alive!"
Break Man frowned. "Really? Did Mega Man or Dr. Light describe it?" Break Man asked. "I know most all of it from my world!" Daniel clarified. For the first time since he arrived, he didn't feel inferior about some of the knowledge.
Mega Man and Dr. Light joined them. "Wow!" Dr. Light commented. "It took me years to learn about it, and I still haven't figured it all out."
"Come on guys! Have some cake!" Link offered. "I already had my fill, Link." Daniel said. "Me too." Dr. Light replied while taking a seat. "Mega Man? Break Man? You can eat some, can't you?" Zelda said, cutting some.
"Sure we can, but it wouldn't do us any good with no way to process it." Mega Man said. "Besides," Break Man began, "I don't like chocolate!"
Simon and Kevin laughed. "That's ok. This is a time to celebrate happiness." Lana said with a smile. "Not even Mother Brain can take that away."

Through the next few days, Daniel trained more with his Zapper and Power Pad, repowering them when needed. He got a few pointers on each of the worlds in Videoland, such as enemy weaknesses, where warps are located, and generally how to survive. Daniel didn't really need to worry if his Zapper would work, because Kevin had already tested his against most all enemies from those lands, and Daniel's Zapper was exactly like his, so there was almost nothing it wouldn't affect.

Even after a week, a vacation was in order. Besides, Daniel was eager to see some other worlds in Videoland. They were almost set.
"Where are we going again, Lana?" Simon asked while safely tucking away his favorite mirror. "The land of Lufia!" Daniel exclaimed with excitement, disregarding who Simon asked. "I can't wait to see some of their weapons!" Link said, packing some of his and Zelda's stuff.
"I haven't been there before-icus." Kid Icarus said while flying a quiver of arrows into the warp set to go. "Should be interesting. Where do we stay?" "At the inn of a town called Tanbel." Lana replied while tossing in a bag of some of her stuff. "It is run by a woman named Hilda and her brother, Guy. Everyone is coming." "I remember them." Daniel reminisced with a grin, examining his Zapper. "They destroyed four evil beings known as Sinistrals." Mega Man walked by then. "Well, that everything?" the Blue Bomber asked. Daniel gazed at the pile in his arms. "That's an understatement."
Both Mega Man and Break Man were incredibly strong, even in terms of robotics. That was one of their most distinguishing features, aside the fact they were living machines.
"Speaking of which," Daniel said as his mind crossed Mega Man's brother, "Where is Break Man?"
Mega Man looked around. "I don't know. He was right behind me!" Mega Man said, setting down his load.
"Right here." came a voice, causing everyone to whirl. There stood Break Man, pretending to dust off his hands. "That's all of it!"
"Will you mega stop that?" Mega Man said with a grin. "Your gonna scare one of us some day."
"Some day?" Break Man gave a see-through act like he was sad. It was accented by him poking out his bottom lip. "Thanks for letting me feel needed!" "Oh, you know what I mean." Mega Man said, nudging him through the warp.
"All right then. Let's hit it!" Kevin said, jumping through the warp. The rest of the N-Team was soon to follow.

After the blue portal accepted the final member, it closed. The watcher of the shiny mirror smiled with a mouth of hooked teeth. "Excellent."
Chapter Four

"Hello Artea!" Daniel said, waving down the blue-haired elf. "Um, hello. Do I know you?" Daniel and Artea conversed while walking down the sidewalk after Daniel put his stuff away at the inn. "Hilda!" Lana greeted, signaling her to come over there. "Hi Lana!" she said, and the two hugged. Hilda picked up a few bags to assist the others as they put away their things. Break Man returned first, amazed at his surroundings. "Wow!" he said, admiring the vast forests and mountains. "This place is..." Break Man trailed off, dashing over to the main square, where two men were in contest with weapons. Break Man normally didn't hold humans to as high regard as Mega Man, but he figured this could be interesting.
"Had enough, Dekar?" a blonde man said. "Me? I am winning, Guy!" the other with blue hair replied. Guy was apparently the blonde, who was using a sword. That meant the blue-spiked-haired one was Dekar, who favored an ax. Dekar countered a lunge, and Guy blocked an attack with his ax using his shield.
Hilda walked by with Lana and Kid Icarus then. "Don't you two ever get hungry? Dinner is in a few minutes." Dekar and Guy exchanged glances. "Well, I guess sometimes I do have enough..." Dekar said, grinning at Guy. "Yeah." Guy agreed and sheathed his sword.
"Oh my!" a small blue haired girl said with amazement. She was sitting next to an older man in a lab coat, who was tinkering with a small device. "You are the princess of Videoland, I presume?"
Lana, assuming the girl wanted her attention, walked over and sat down. "Yes. My name is Lana." Simon was the next to come out of the inn, and he came by to sit next to the blue haired girl. He immediately took her hand and kissed it. "I am Simon Belmont, famous vampire hunter from Castlevania. You?"
"Tia." she said through a blushed smile, at a loss for words. Kevin and Mega Man were the next to arrive. "Have you met Tia and Lexis?" Lana asked the Game Master.
"No." he said, staring at the thing Lexis was adjusting. "Lexis and Tia, this is Kevin." "Hey everyone!" Kevin said with a small wave.
Mega Man looked down. "Hi there." he said offering a hand. "I am Dr. Lexis Shaia. Hello, Mega Man." Lexis said, shaking his hand. "Say, are you the Mega Man?" Lexis asked giddily. Mega Man smiled. "Sure am." Lexis almost dropped the black object. "You are?!? Mega Man, you are literally a scientific miracle!"
Mega Man grinned at Lexis's knowledge. "Yeah, bioroids are rare." Mega Man commented. Break Man walked by then, getting Mega Man in a headlock. "But no extinct." Mega Man choked off, motioning at Break Man. The blue bomber finally broke the hold and Break Man continued walking back to the inn. "Do you know Dr. Light?" Mega Man asked. "Yes, he and I are good friends." Lexis smiled.
Lexis continued. "But, I have never met you or your brother. Every time I visit, however, Dr. Light tells me that you both are either at the Palace of Power or battling Wily." Lexis said.
"Dr. Light has mentioned something about you, I believe." Mega Man replied. He looked down at the small object Lexis was fiddling with a few moments ago. "Hey, is that an interland transitional communicator?" Mega Man asked, pointing at it.
"Well, it would be..." Lexis gazed down at it. "But I am having some trouble getting it to function." Lexis rubbed his chin, and you could barely see his mouth through his bushy mustache.
"I have one like that, only it isn't powerful enough to bridge lands to communicate. I can only use it in Megaland, most of the time, and sometimes not even there."
Dekar came by to join the conversation, but most of the talk was beyond him. "Hey, do you think I could use it as a model?" Lexis said, holding up the black object. Dekar looked at the thing, squinting his eyes as if it would help him understand it.
"Well, it uses a pattern similar to this one, only the power grid here has a different junction circuit, and it uses another B radio signal sender here instead of a D." Mega Man said with intellect. Dekar shook his head and stood up to go back to the fighting square.
"Wow, Mega Man! I am impressed!" Lexis said with applaud in his voice. Mega Man grinned cockily, though he didn't mean it. "Well, I used to be a repair robot. I could fix almost anything, and use all sorts of tools to do it." Mega Man paused. "Guess some of that knowledge is gone now, but I can remember bits and pieces."
"Okay. B sender, you say?" Lexis asked, reaching into one of his lab coat pockets. "Yeah." Mega Man replied. Lexis replaced a couple of wires and inserted it.
"Okay, here goes!" Lexis said. He activated the machine, and it made a staticy sound before a familiar voice popped up. "Dr. Light! I got the communication device to work." Lexis said. "With some help." Lexis said, sticking his thumb at Mega Man. "Good job, Lexis!"
"Just thought I'd let you know. Maybe you can replace your communicators that Mega Man and Break Man have." Lexis said with intent. "That would be mega nice." Mega Man added. Lana walked by then, joined by Zelda, Simon, Kid Icarus and Guy. "Nice to meet everybody." Lana said good-naturedly.
"Too bad Maxim and Selan couldn't be here." Dekar noted with sorrow. He had tears forming in the rims of his eyes, but he angrily wiped them away. Daniel looked at Dekar and felt sorry for his pain, not to mention everyone else's. Even seeing those tears at the brims of Dekar's eyes frightened Daniel. He knew what good friends Maxim and Selan were to them. Tia and Maxim used to be in love, but she couldn't get used to him always in battle. Tia, Dekar, Artea, Lexis, and Guy all knew Maxim and Selan very well before the Battle of Doom Island, where the two lost their lives at the hands of the Sinistrals.
"Maxim! You're too far away!"
"I will NOT leave Selan!"
"Maxim! We can't reach you!"
"GO! Get out of here, NOW!"
"Let's go, Artea."
"But Guy, we can't just..."
"Maxim wants us to go. There is nothing we can do to help him now!"
"Maxim! I promise to tell the world of this victory! WARP!"
Daniel thought he was going to cry himself. The Sinistrals had killed several in their attempt to conquer mankind. Many cities had felt the wrath of the destruction they wielded.
But they were finally stopped.
That was the purpose of the party. To celebrate the Sinistrals defeat.
Before another though could be remembered, a terrible explosion wailed through Tanbel.
"Aaaaaggggghhhhh!" came a voice who trailed along with a ball of light that was flying northeast.
"THE SINISTRALS?" Dekar wheeled to look after the light with an expression of both anger and confusion. Guy dashed into the inn. Part of the guest room was destroyed from the explosion.
Guy raced out again with a fiery red anger. "They took Hilda AGAIN!" Guy waved his fists high. "We have to stop them!" he said pulling out his sword.
Chapter Five

Daniel and Artea rounded the corner then. "What the hell WAS that?!?" Daniel asked between short breaths. Artea closed his eyes to concentrate. "Sinistrals?" he asked.
Daniel came up. "No way! You guys beat them!"
"That's what we thought." Tia said. "How can we ever hope to defeat them without Dual Blade?" Daniel asked with concern. "It's thousands of feet under the ocean!" "We have to try..." Dekar said with complete seriousness. He was about to snap his ax's handle.
"Yes, but we cannot get to Doom Island without Excerion, which was destroyed with Doom Island as well." Artea said. Lexis frowned. "And without another engine like the one we got in Grassi kingdom, we can't make another." Lexis straightened. "Doom Island obviously hasn't risen from the ocean, or my Kymograph would have told me. So much for Dual Blade."
"Hey, what's in that direction the light flew?" Captain N asked, continuing to wonder.
"The Ancient Cave." Daniel and Guy said simultaneously. Zelda stood up. "What's that?"
Artea scrunched up his face to think. "It is a 99 level maze. Once you get in, you can't get out."
Daniel held up a finger. "Not without Providence, anyway." Daniel paused. "And it's filled with monsters guarding it. If we go in, we can't afford to miss it, or we may not be able to get back out."
"Well, we can't just leave Hilda." Lana said. "Yeah! I'm up for a challenge!" Simon agreed. "Well let's go then!" Link stood up and shouted.
"Okay everyone! Gather around!" Artea called. "WARP!"

Almost as instantly as the light engulfed everyone, they were in Gruberik. Everyone walked out of the city and almost immediately saw the Cave.
"Lana, you should take a Zirco Rod." Artea said, tossing her one. "Now you aren't defenseless." "Thanks." Lana said, looking it over.
Most of the Lufia team led the way, and it soon grew silent and dreary and they got closer to the cave.
"Any additional tips we should know about?" Break Man asked Daniel quietly on the way. "Well, I can't really offer us a path to use, because the Ancient Cave changes randomly everytime someone enters. The same floor has never been seen twice." Daniel commented with his eyes locked on the entrance.
"That's swell." the Red Raider remarked with a ping of annoyance. Soon they were inside. They were all there, arguing with the people who had made a business out of the mysterious cave.
"Look! We can't leave our things here! There is a SINISTRAL in this blasted cave!" Guy howled, slamming a fist into the table at the front.
"Sir, the only weapons you may take in are the ones you find in blue chests!" the manager said. Lexis shook his head. "Fine. But don't blame us when the world is destroyed by the Sinistrals."
A guard outfitted with armor approached. "Look, I don't want any trouble here, and I don't think you want any of the trouble I can give." he said, revealing his face.
"Oh really?" Dekar said with anger. He got right up in the guard's face. Dekar was big and strong, and with his hair had nearly a foot advantage on the guard. The guard shook from fear, but he held his ground.
"Look, we can't waste any time here, guys!" Kevin said, laying his Zapper on the table. Lana placed her Zirco Rod down as well, and Artea put his bow down the same time Tia put down her whip.
"Well, you ain't taking this away!" Dekar growled, drawing out his Sky Sword, an incredibly powerful weapon they found in the Ancient Cave the first time the Sinistrals attacked. The rules permitted him to take that item in with him.
"Or this!" Guy followed. He showed them a Black Eye. Despite it's name, it was actually a bracelet, the same one used by the Black Dragon.
"That is fine." The keeper said. Guy laid down his sword, Kid Icarus his bow and arrows, and Lexis his Figgoru, which was an odd wrench he used in battle.
Simon was pulling things out of his backpack, most useless junk. He was there almost five minutes before the keeper suggested he simply leave it, and his whip as well. Daniel gave them his Zapper, and Zelda laid down her bow as well.
"Right through there." the keeper pointed. They all went through a door, and there was a warp. They all entered it, and were instantly on the first floor of the Ancient Cave. The first floor was mainly a tumbled down shrine of some sort.
"Some other stuff they didn't see..." Break Man smiled cockily, forming an arm cannon. Mega Man followed suit, and began to charge his plasma. Kevin and Daniel's Power Pad's were overlooked as well.
Working their way across the first floor, they encountered minor enemies, but the enemies would get successively stronger as they wound their way through the ancient cave. They opened any chests they came across, which held items and equipment.
Dekar slashed a blue jelly with the sky sword, and it was instantly defeated. Guy then disposed of an eagle, and he opened a treasure chest containing a Rainy Ax.
"All right! Not a bad haul!" Guy rang out, using it against a Mad Horse. "Here Simon. Take this Black Eye, since I have some defense now."
Simon slipped it onto his wrist. "It clashes!" he said with disgust. "That's OK. Our opinion of you isn't that high anyway!" Guy then dashed back before Simon could retaliate.
Mega Man walked up to Simon and Guy then. "How does it work?" Mega Man asked, turning his head.
"Well, in this world, certain equipment has useful capabilities. We call this IP." Simon cocked his head. "IP is anger that builds during battle when you are attacked. If you don't have enough IP, some equipment's effects can't be unleashed." Guy explained.
Artea approached. "Well, this strange thing hit me a few seconds ago. So, I should have some IP now, right?" Simon queried. "Yeah. Try it on those Regal Goblins guarding that door over there. The IP on the Black Eye is Gloomsplash. Simply hold it up and shout that." Artea said.
"OK. Here goes." Simon raised his bracelet and shouted, "GLOOMSPLASH!"
Suddenly the whole of the room was filled with a bunch of explosions with black tints to them. The booming blackness circled the Regal Goblins, and slowly closed. The second it hit, bolts of dark fire came from nowhere and slammed into the enemies. They were all instantly destroyed.
"Hey, not bad!" Kevin exclaimed. Artea elaborated further. "Gloomsplash is a combination of darkness and fire attacks." Kevin walked closer. "Isn't darkness evil in some way?" the Game Master asked.
Artea shook his head. "Only the creatures who feed of it. Here in Lufia, it is simply another element. But that doesn't mean it isn't dangerous."
Kevin nodded with a shrug, and Daniel entered the other room and strange spear. "I found this in a blue chest. What does it do?"
Artea lit up and raced over. "That's a Dragon Spear! It harnesses the power of the Water Dragon!"
"Cool! You should use it, though. I have evaluated I can only use certain swords, axes, and bows around here. No staffs, whips, tools, or spears." Daniel pulled out a withered scroll. "And I can't understand this stuff, either."
Artea unrolled the scroll. "Daniel! You found the spell Stronger, too! Good Job!" Daniel frowned. "Guess that means I can't cast them, either."
"Well, you could, provided you have Magic Point reserves. Even then, I would have to teach you how to read it." Artea handed the scroll over to Tia, who memorized it and passed it to Lexis. "Dekar and Guy can't learn spells, either, since they have no Magic Points. So, don't feel too bad."
"Yeah, but I pack a punch!" Dekar remarked, smirking. He held up his Sky Sword. Daniel glanced around. "The staircase to B 11 is in there. Let's go."
Chapter Six

The group walked in and went down to the next level, knowing all the time if they missed Providence below level 20, they would be trapped in the Ancient Cave forever, and the Sinistrals could take over the world.
Dekar beat a Mad Clay and opened a chest, which contained a Fire Dagger. "Hey Link, you got a weapon?"
"Not at the moment." Link said while expertly dodging a Doben. "Try this, then!" Dekar tossed the weapon to Link, who slashed at the Doben twice with it's magical use of fire, and it was beaten. "Pretty good!" the Hyrulian warrior commented.
The N-Team and the Lufia members moved down to B 16. Mega Man and Break Man split up to one room, Kid Icarus, Artea and Lexis went to another, and the rest stayed behind in one room to collect chests.
Mega Man returned with a strange rock. "Found another blue chest!" he commented. "Here, Lana. Take it."
Lana looked the rock over. "Thank you, Mega Man." she said. Dekar checked the stone out. "Hey, you really scored, Mega Man! That's a Camu Jewel!"
"What's it do?" Lana asked as Mega Man returned to help Break Man against some Pumpkin Heads. "This will slam all enemies with an intense fire attack!" Dekar said.
"Lay off already, will you?!?" Break Man shouted and unloaded his charge on a Pumpkin Head. It was instantly vaporized.
Kid Icarus, Artea and Lexis were back with a small ax. "Can you use this, Daniel?" Kid Icarus offered him the weapon. "Maybe. I'll try it." Daniel took the ax and tested it against a Sand Gorem.
Daniel brought it down hard on his enemy, but the Sand Gorem was unscathed. "Wha...?" Daniel stuttered.
Daniel had an awful truth dawn on him. "This is a Thunder Ax! Sand Gorems are immune to thunder!" Daniel yelled. The Sand Gorem cast a sandstorm on Daniel, who rolled out of the way, but the spell followed him.
"Grrr...OOMPH!" Daniel tried to stand up to the spell, but it threw him against a wall. Daniel collapsed, unmoving. Blood trickled from his mouth.
"HEY!" Artea yelled, and stabbed the Sand Gorem with his Dragon Spear. It was instantly destroyed. Kevin ran over to Daniel and shook him. "Daniel! Wake up!"
Daniel simply laid there.
"Oh...Oh my.." Lana sobbed and dashed over to the second Game Master. She picked up his wrist to feel for a heart, but couldn't concentrate with her rattled emotions. "Princess..." Captain N said. He lowered his head. "Lana, I don't think Daniel has perished." Lexis soothed. "How do you know?" she said. "He is only unconscious. We have gone through this a lot. Monsters can only actually kill if we are all battle disabled." Lexis elaborated.
"Thank goodness." Lana sighed. Artea motioned for Dekar to come over there. "Come on. We have to keep going." he said. Dekar picked up Daniel and hoisted him over his shoulder. The party then continued to B 20.
Chapter Seven

They emerged in a much different environment. It was black and dark blue tiles, and vines everywhere. It looked like a dungeon.
"OK. If we want to get Daniel back, we need a Revive formula or a Miracle." Tia said quietly. "I know it sounds kinda cheesy, but a Miracle will totally refresh him."
Everyone fanned out into small groups of two or three. They all emerged a few minutes later with all the collected goods. Guy looked the items over. "A War Rapier, a Hi-Magic, Iron Mail, and..." Guy held up a glowing red stick. "...Spark Staff?"
Link approached. "Yeah, we found another blue chest. Guy tossed it to Link to give it to Zelda. "OK, the War Rapier is useless, since none of us can use it. We can save the Hi-Magic, and only Dekar or I could use the Iron Mail." Guy studied the items outloud.
"You use the armor, Guy." Dekar offered. "You sure?" Guy asked. "Yeah. The Sky Sword raises my defense anyway."
Simon looked down. "But no Miracles." he said with a sigh. "Don't worry." Artea said. "We may learn Valor. Then I can cast it to bring him back."
As they headed for the staircase, Zelda noticed something odd about the shubery. "What's this?" she asked.
Before anybody could offer an answer, she brought the Spark Staff down on the bush, and it burned into nothingness.
"A healing tile!" Lexis announced. "Everybody step on it, and it will heal all your wounds." Everybody took turns to walk over it, and after Kid Icarus fluttered off, Mega Man tried it.
Nothing happened.
"What's going on?" he asked. "You're a robot. It has no wounds to heal." Lexis said. "Well, me and Break Man aren't really hurt anyway, since these enemies have no easy way to our energy reserves." Mega Man said with chipper.
The level after that, they emerged in a big room. On the far wall were enemies, on the near wall were enemies, no doors, and in the center of the room stood five red chests and a blue one.
"Oh no-icus." Pit groaned. The group was then locked in combat with the new foes, all the time trying to work their way closer to the chests.
It finally came down between them and a few Spinners and a Deadly Armor. The Deadly Armor hit Dekar with an Iron Kick. Dekar then jabbed his Sky Sword into it's side, and it was defeated.
The Spinners were easily vanquished with use of Artea's Dragon Spear. Once the last was eliminated, they began to walk over to the chests, but a figure teleported in and startled them all into hesitating.
"Gades!" Dekar yelled.
Chapter Eight

"We defeated you Gades!" Artea shouted. "We KILLED you!" Guy chimed with pure hatred.
"Ha! Your pathetic efforts will be rewarded with defeat. Arek the Absolute has brought us back!" Gades's eyes glowed red as he mentioned the last part.
The red eyes were only part of his evil features. He had a head, but it was an old yellowed and cracked skull, flowing with a red shock of hair. He was armored everywhere else in dark red and blue metal plates, and had a huge tattered crimson cape with golden trimmings. His shield bore insignia no one could recognize nor read, and his huge sword had the shape of fire for a guard on the handle, while the blade itself sported several small knives taking turns poking out of the double-edge.
"How? That is impossible without Erim!" Lexis shouted.
"Sorry, but if I were to tell you, I would have to kill you. However, I may do that anyway!" Gades said through jagged teeth.
Lexis now had his back to the Sinistral. Link had obviously had enough. "CHARGE HIM!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. Link, Mega Man, Dekar, and Artea dashed at Gades with weapons ready and charged.
Gades held up a fist encased in a dark purple light. "DESTRUCTO-WAVE!" the Sinistral of Destruction yelled. Out of his balled up hand flew a dark purple sphere of light, filled with small black blotches in it, and circled with white lines. Then it exploded into dust, and the small band of assailants were brought to their knees.
"Now anyone else who tries the same will be totally destroyed! No throw down your weapons!" Gades ordered.
"Don't! We can beat him, just don't..... GAH!" Dekar trailed as Gades brought his sword to the champion of Bound Kingdom's throat. Dekar struggled with futility, which only made Gades look more powerful. Everyone obediently tossed down their weapons. "Much better." Gades gloated.
But Simon had been saving his IP. He raised his Black Eye and shouted, "GLOOMSPLASH!" The same black fire surrounded and shot Gades. The darkness in it wasn't overly damaging, but he sure didn't like the fire. Gades stumbled back, mildly smoking. The others rolled away, ready to attack. Break Man rose his charged cannon, the soft blue light emitting from it mildy changing the parts if his uniform it touched to a bright violet-whitish color in the red, and a light blue in the white.
"Hold it, Gades!" Break Man threatened. Gades slowly rose his head. "Ah, the infamous Protoman! I have heard of your constant habit of switching sides. May I offer an alliance to you with the Sinistrals?" Gades asked with a deep, threatening voice.
"NO WAY!" the red and white clad robot announced. "And my name is Break Man!" he snapped, never lowering his plasma cannon.
"I wouldn't if I were you!" Gades said, bringing out a form so weak it was limp.
"Hilda!" Guy shouted, clasping a hand on Break Man's cannon. Kevin silently reached for his Power Pad, and he warped into the air multiple meters. Gades hardly traced the trail to Kevin before the Game Master's foot came crashing into Gades's face.
"OOMPH!" Gades yelled, covering his face with his hands to ward away the pain. Kevin then snatched Hilda up and warped her and himself over to the rest of the group.
Everyone immediately picked up their weapons and dashed. Artea threw his Dragon Spear, Link was ready to use the IP of the Fire Dagger, and Break Man fired his still-charged cannon.
Gades was hit only by the earliest blows. "First the Mer-people, then the volcano, next Parcelyte, then the WORLD! HAHAHA!" Gades turned then into a ball of dark red light, and teleported out of the Ancient Cave.
"Ohhh....Guy..." Hilda tried to say, but was too tired. Kevin lowered her to the loose-dirt floor. "It's OK, Hilda. Try not to talk. You will be back in Tanbel soon enough." The party then proceeded to the chests.
The first red contained a Fury Ring, which did no good since nobody could use it. The blue chest contained a Fry Sword, which harnessed the power of light. The second red chest contained Providence, so they could now leave the Ancient Cave.
The third chest housed a Miracle.
"Yeah!" Kevin shouted. The whole group was so excited they forgot about the remaining chests, but it didn't matter anyway, since it would all be relinquished at the gate.
Captain N poured the Miracle's contents into Daniel's mouth. His eyes slowly opened, finding it difficult to focus on anything. Then he remembered the Sand Gorem.
"Where...Are you guys okay?" he asked quietly. "Yes, Daniel. You must remember, Sand Gorems are immune to thunder." Lana said, smiling at him.
Daniel grinned goofily. "I gathered that a little too late. Hey, what about the Sinistrals?"
"We already beat Gades, and we have Providence. We can leave now. Besides, the Sinistrals are probably plotting their next move anyway." Zelda explained.
Guy then held up the Providence feather, and in a flash of white light, they were out of the Ancient Cave.
Chapter Nine

When they returned to the entrance, they reclaimed all their original weapons and spells, leaving what they had left of the red chest items, and went back to Gruberik.
"Man, the Sinistrals back?" Daniel reminded himself and everybody else. He was pacing back and forth, staring at the ground. Finally he punched an open hand. "They have to be stopped, and now! You guys know the carnage they leave!"
"Yes we do." Tia said. Lana looked worried. "But the Sinistrals are never satisfied. After this, they may attack all of Videoland!" Artea teleported back to Gruberik then, after he returned Hilda to Tanbel.
Lexis approached the group after finishing the conversation he started with Dr. Light at the beginning of the battle. "Xavier and I believe we know how Arek revived the Sinistrals without Erim." Lexis took a breath to steady himself. "The Potion of Power."
"NO!" Kevin and Link exclaimed simultaneously. Lexis held up a hand so he could continue. "But, it seems the Potion's liquid energy properties have run out. So, he changed it into a different form of energy to be stored in the Mirror of the Tower of Truth."
Zelda was deep in thought. "The Potion of Power once revived Ganon to full strength. All four Sinistrals at total power could..." she trailed off.
"Well, don't worry, your highness." Guy said with confidence. "We did it once, we can do it again!" Dekar stood up to slap him a high five. "Yeah!"
Artea seemed less sure. "But then we had Maxim and Selan, not to mention....Dual Blade." Artea had tears forming in the rims of his eyes, but he angrily wiped them away. "The Sinistrals will PAY for taking two of our friends!" Artea was clenching his bow so hard his knuckles were white.
"But Artea! Your vision was hurt at Doom Island!" Lana reminded the elf. Artea raised a hand to ward off any further comments. "Hurt...Not gone." he paused. "Not yet, anyway. That is another reason I wish to make haste."
Daniel came forward in thought. He felt like he knew them already. "Well, we can't disappoint our friends, can we?" he asked with a grin that meant he was ready to take action.
"NO!" everybody said simultaneously.
"Your efforts won't be in vain." Daniel said, staring at the sun. He put a fist to his heart. Everyone followed suit, and finally he lowered it. "We have to split up. Gades was dumb enough to tell us where they were going to attack."
Kevin approached. "Maybe not. Maybe he wanted us to come..." "Good." Dekar finished, eyes narrow.
Daniel knew he was glad to see Dekar was on his side. "OK then...I can see the most even way to split is two teams of four and two teams of three." Daniel observed. "Alright. Zelda, Break Man, Dekar, and I will go to the Tower of Truth to destroy the Truth Mirror. Next, Guy, Kid Icarus, Link and Mega Man have to guard Parcelyte." "Right!" Link said with quiet enthusiasm. "Hmmm...Lexis, Tia and Simon, I want you three to go to Chaed and watch the volcano."
Daniel turned. "That leaves you three. Artea and Lana, you will have to go to Preamarl and protect the Mer-People. Go with them, Captain N." Kevin nodded, spinning his Zapper.
"OK. What about the Capsule Monsters?" Daniel asked everyone. Guy approached. "There are seven. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, and Neutral."
Capsule Monsters were creatures that would fight along side the Lufia team. "For the group that will go to Preamarl, take the Wind and Fire capsules. They are effective against enemies in the sea." Guy pointed out. Their names were Gusto and Blaze, respectivly. Gusto was a Sky Dragon, and Blaze was a Flame Pheonix.
"Lexis, Tia, and Simon should take the Water capsule. The seven of them won't go into four groups evenly, so you object to just one?" "No. Zeppy will be fine." Tia said. Zeppy was a giant Fish Head. He looked silly, but his water attacks pack a punch.
"For Daniel's group, take Sully and Flash, the Earth and Light capsules." Guy pointed them to their masters. Sully was a giant Centaur, and Flash was a Unicorn. Sully was perhaps the strongest fighting Capsule, but Flash was an excellent healer.
"That means we will have to take Jelze, the Neutral capsule." Guy told Mega Man, Kid Icarus and Link. Jelze didn't utilize any element in particular, but instead relied on his physical capabilities. Jelze was a big Golden Fox.
They all agreed and divided into their subgroups. Link drew out a small whistle and played a quick melody. A white duck flew down, and took them all to Parcelyte castle.
Artea grabbed Lexis before they could go. "Uh, Lexis? How will we get to Preamarl without Excerion?" Lexis's face went blank. "Oh, yes. It is at the bottom of the ocean. Go to Portravia and ask Dr. Kirmo about the new model submarine." "Got it." Artea said with a grin.
Tia then warped Lexis, Simon, and herself to Chaed. Artea turned to Daniel's group then. "You guys should probably come with us, since none of you can cast Warp. It'd be a long walk." "Alright. Let's hurry, though." Dekar answered. Everybody then gathered around Artea. "WARP!" the elf shouted, and in a flash of white light they were gone.

"Daos, they are going to ruin our plan!" Arek boomed. "Do not worry, master. We have a little suprise waiting for them, should they make it to us..." Daos laughed hideously as he teleported out.
Chapter Ten

Link's white duck soon landed his passengers about a quarter of a mile out of Parcelyte. "So this is the famous Parcelyte." Link said, admiring the castle.
They soon walked through Parcelyte's village. They wandered the town, bored that nothing was going to happen. "Anybody up for some cider?" Kid Icarus asked after they looked at some weapons in the shops, which wasn't as strong as some of the Ancient Cave equipment, not to mention their own.
They went inside and took a bar stool. Link got some plum cider, Guy ordered apple, and Kid Icarus flew down and sipped some lime cider.
"Hey pal. Thirsty?" the keeper asked Mega Man. "No thanks." the Blue Bomber replied. "I'm not much on food or drink."
The keeper looked puzzled and moved down to wait on some others. "So, Guy. How many Sinistrals are there?" Kid Icarus asked.
"Four we know of. Gades, you have already met. He was the first we fought, too." Mega Man turned. "Was he tough?"
"We beat him the first time. Needless to say, he was mad." Guy remembered. "Maxim, Tia, Selan and I managed. Then we fought him a second time, Maxim, Dekar and me. We defeated him, and peace reigned for a year, not to mention Maxim and Selan getting married."
Guy paused to put on a more grim face. "That's when the attacks started again, stronger than ever. Maxim and Selan joined Dekar and I again because they had to protect Jeros, their son."
"Who are the other three?" Link queried, resting his head on his hand, elbow propped on the table.
"Amon, Erim, and Daos. They are all stronger than Gades, believe it or not. Gades is the Sinistral of destruction, Amon knows chaos, Erim the mistress of death, and Daos, who is the master of terror."
"I hope we can stop them." Mega Man said silently. They all tightened their lips and nodded.

Artea, Lana, Kevin, Daniel, Dekar, Break Man, and Zelda all landed in Portravia. "Wow! Check out the flowers!" Lana commented. Artea glanced down. "Lexis planted those. He had to promise Milka because the lab was polluting the water."
"Who's Milka?" Zelda asked. "One of my friends. Come on, the lab is this way."
They all went into a building mounted on a hill, which made it a few meters higher than the surrounding buildings. The shore had a small channel of water that went into the lab for docking ships and the like.
"Dr. Kirmo?" Artea said as they all went down to see him. "Hello, Artea. What can I do for you?" he asked.
"We need another submarine, for the Sinistrals are back and they threatened to attack Preamarl. And Warping is out of the question, since it won't take us underwater." Artea explained.
"Not a problem, but we need another engine. It doesn't have to be as powerful as the one you got in Grassi kingdom, unless you were planning on flying."
"No, we don't need to this time." Artea said. "OK. I still need another engine, however. I can use one of these standard ones I built from Lexis's designs, but it would be rather slow and I haven't tested it."
"All right. So, we should just go to Grassi Kingdom and search around?" Kevin asked. "Yes. If you find one, lug it outside and Warp back here. We can install it in no time." Dr. Kirmo said.
"OK! Let's go to Gratze!" Artea shouted. The two groups went outside and both Warped to the abandoned kingdom.

Lexis, Simon, and Tia arrived seconds after they left Gruberik. "Hey, nice to see Chaed has recovered." Lexis said as they walked into the city. "What happened?" Simon asked. "The Sinistrals destroyed this city on their first attack to show us their power." Tia explained.
They all walked around the construction going on, and they too went into a cider shop like Guy's group was doing in Parcelyte. They all flopped into a booth and ordered a pitcher of apple and pear ciders. Soon the waitress returned with two pitchers and three glasses.
"So, what happened here the last time the Sinistrals were up and around?" Simon asked, sipping some pear. "Well, the Sinistrals didn't do anything here, but a dragon in the volcano was going to make it erupt and destroy this island." Tia said. "I don't know the details exactly since I was back in Elcid, but the after they beat the dragon, the Sinistrals attacked the city from Doom Island in the sky."
"Hmmm." Simon commented, looking back at the volcano. "If only we could get Dual Blade, they wouldn't stand a chance." Simon said, furrowing his brow. He hated to feel like he couldn't do anything.
"Simon, even if we did have Dual Blade, Maxim is gone. He was the only one who could use Dual Blade. Besides, it's not your fault." Tia cooed. "Well, how do you know if it does work for you?" Simon asked.
"It rang for Maxim, Artea told me." Lexis said, filling a glass of apple cider. "Artea, Maxim, Guy, and Selan all went down into the sea to find it. Right when they did, however, Daos showed up to steal it. I doubt he could have wielded it with the effinciency Maxim did, but his prime notion was to prevent it from being used on him." Lexis continued.
Simon sighed. "I almost hope they try to do something here..." Simon trailed off, staring at the light mist of morning around the volcano.
Chapter Eleven

Artea and Dekar's groups landed in Auralio Kingdom, and left the castle to enter an underground cave, the only remaining route to Gratze Kingdom. "Hey, Dekar, are Gratze and Grassi the same Kingdom?" Lana asked. "Yeah. Grassi is the royal name, and Gratze is the more common one."
"Doesn't matter what you call it now, 'cause it is a dump!" Artea stated. "The last time we were there, we got a super-powerful tank engine to fly with. As a last ditch effort, the prince of Gratze blew up the castle. That was the last we saw of him."
Dekar continued for the elf. "Gratze was a very war-liking country. They were bent on controlling all of Lufia. That's how we knew to attack them and get an engine."
"Hey, you weren't there!" Artea said playfully. "You were kickin' back while we did all the work!" "I wasn't either! I had to cross the ocean after beating Idura by MYSELF, thank you!" Dekar retorted with a smile.
"Who is Idura?" Break Man asked. "He was a powerful servant of the Sinistrals, and the one who kidnapped Maxim and Selan's baby, not to mention the one who kept me from helping them after we beat him in the Karloon shrine." Dekar said.
"Well, here we are. Keep your guard up, guys! There are some mean enemies in here." Artea called, scouting ahead and motioning them in with a hand wave.
Artea wasn't kidding. There were Medusas, Ramias, and Ninjas inside. The ninjas could move twice as fast as the N-Team and other members could. "Guy told me about this place." Dekar said, setting down the Fry Sword, which he traded Guy for the Sky Sword. "We have to hit four blue switches before some spikes on a floor will go down." "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's nail those spikes!" Captain N shouted.
The first two came easily, not to largly guarded and you would come across them after just a few minutes of wandering. The second two, however, were proving to be very difficult do find. "Man, where are they?" Captain N asked angrily, his Zapper at ready for other monsters.
They searched the odd room that had only a few enemies and some blocks. Other than that, the decorations were bare.
Daniel began searching the area after the Nosferatoes and Bone Gorems were vanquished. "ARGH!" Daniel punched the crumbled stone wall angrily. "I played this game before, and I can't remember a thing!" he growled to himself.
Artea began removing vines from the wall, and he uncovered two large stone eyes. "These eyes on the wall seem strange. They can't be here just to freak us out." Zelda said, studying the huge eyes on the wall.
"Hey! That's right!" Daniel stated, snapping his fingers. he rushed over to Break Man. "Can you shoot those eyes on the wall?" he asked the red and white clad robot. "Not a problem." he replied.
He fired two shots and they both hit dead-center of the eyes. The stone eyes snapped shut, and with a brief clicking sound, a huge thunk sounded from behind them.
"The switch! How'd you know it was up there, Daniel?" Lana asked. "The games." Daniel replied simply.
So far their search left them in a room full of chasms, nothing more. "Hmmm..." Artea thought aloud. "Hey, Guy told me something about this room." Dekar said with enthusiasm. Everybody watched curiously as he studied them. "Aha!"
Dekar reached down and lifted a grate up, revealing the way to the floor below. "Job Dekar!" Break Man offered a thumbs-up.
They continued onward to find a lone chest sitting by itself on a platform nobody could reach. It didn't concern them anyway, because it was empty. There was a teleporter in the center of the room. The teleporter took them to another room of the same size, further down. There was a switch and a block.
"Now this is how I remember it!" Daniel said. He put his shoulder into the block, and it slowly ground across the rocky floor. Dekar finally gave him a hand, and it settled finally on a strange tile that mildly blended in with the floor. He repeated the process on the other side of the room, and then he and Dekar pushed it back to its original position.
Instantly a glass bridge appeared to the switch.
Dekar smacked it with his sword, and the all went back to the teleporter, working their way back to the floor with the numerous spikes.
"All right! They are gone!" Lana cheered, and they walked by the place then that minutes ago was not traversable.
They came to a room with a bunch of Shadows, who were easy game by this point. Between Dekar's Fry Sword and Artea's spells, not to mention the other members attacks, the Shadows hardly slowed them down.
"Whoops..." Daniel trailed off as Sully, Blaze, Darbi and Gusto defeated a couple of remaining Shadows. "What?" Zelda asked, her suspicions rising.
"Well, I forgot to mention they cast Vile Laugher." Daniel said shamefully. "What's that?" Lana asked him.
"An instant death spell." Daniel said, and he and the others had to laugh as Lana and Zelda almost passed out.
They eventually came to the staircase that led to Gratze Kingdom. "Well, the bridge on this moat is out." Artea stated the obvious as they watched the swirling currents of the deep ocean below. "How do we cross?" Break Man said.
"Easily fixed." Dekar said casually. Dekar walked up to the water's edge and punched the stone floor, and a wave of solid water formed. "Dekar has several special tricks. He is a very good ally and friend." Artea commented.
"We can cross now." Dekar said. With a little bit of uneasiness, the wave took them across the treacherous water and to the staircase of Grassi Kingdom. They steeled themselves as they emerged into the abandoned castle.

"The Sinsistrals did all that!?!" Mega Man exclaimed as Guy told him about the other cities that were leveled.
Guy nodded to enhance Mega Man's disbelief. "The first one, Gordovan, was destroyed, but the citizens were spared. Gordovan is being repaired, as a matter of fact, a little to the west from here." Guy said, remembering the leveled city.
"We must try our absolute best to beat them." Kid Icarus said, studying the sharp point on one of his arrows.
"I admire your courage, Pit. But, we tried our best the last time, and we ended up losing Maxim and Selan. Then we even had Dual Blade, the one weapon the Sinistrals feared." Guy sounded a little choked at the mention of his friends.
"I wish I had thought to bring the Master Sword..." Link cursed himself. "What's that?" Guy asked.
"The Master Sword was an amazing weapon designed to repel evil, created by ancient Hyrulians. While this was their strongest artifact, they also created several other ones. Like this one, for example."
Link pulled out his Fire Rod. "This baby can burn anything to a crisp in seconds!" Link described it while waving it in the air.
"Does it require magic, too?" Guy asked. "Yeah, but it can be replenished too, so it's not like a one-time-use thing." Link replied.
At that moment, someone touched Kid Icarus on the shoulder. The winged archer jumped.
"Sir, are you from the N-Team?" he asked Kid Icarus. "Yes-icus. Can I help you?"
The man nodded and addressed them all. "Are you all?" he asked them. Kid Icarus finally got a look at the gruff man. He looked like one of the castle guards.
"No, Just Mega Man and Kid Icarus here." Link offered. "I'm not on it, but Guy and I are very close to them and are helping." Link answered. "What do you need?"
"Well..." the man started, "The king of Parcelyte wishes to see you." Guy grinned. "OK. We will be in in a second."
"Very well." the man said, and walked off. "Well, let's head up."
Chapter Twelve

"Was that the volcano?" Tia asked in shock. "I think we should check it out!" Simon said, uncoiling his whip.
As they approached the volcanic mountain, the whole mountain was swarmed with enemies. They saw a figure trying to loosen the top an cause an eruption.
"Daos!" Lexis identified the Sinistral of Terror in a heartbeat. "Get him!" Simon shouted.
They were very skilled fighters, but gaining ground up the mountain proved to be exceedingly difficult. This was due to enemies such as Magma Gorems, assorted Dragons, and Behemoths, not to mentions a rain of rocks and pebbles from the loosening top.
They finally fought their way up to where Daos was. Daos wore a large cloak, mostly red with strange golden inscription all over it. It appeared he also was wearing armor of some sort beneath, but was impossible to tell. His face looked human, and had a large wave of straight, purple hair.
"STOP MORTALS!" Daos boomed. They did, knowing what would happen if they did not cooperate. "One more Quake spell and this volcano will erupt, causing Chaed and all it's citizens to be buried in tons of lava and ash!"
Daos was trying to stall, they realized, so more monsters could arrive. "But, they didn't doubt he would cast the final spell.
The monsters were easily thrown back, however. "Look! He's gonna do it anyway! Attack!" Tia yelled. With a shout from Simon, the group closed the remaining ground between the Sinistral and them in seconds.
Suddenly a powerful earthquake rocked the whole of the mountain, and lava spewed up several meters before it crashed into the side, racing for the city.

"Pretty ragged." Break Man commented as they came into the wasted Grassi. Artea looked around. "Who cares. Our priority is to get an engine." the elf said with a determined grin to the group.
"OK." Kevin began. "We can cover more ground if we split up. Half of us go in there, and the other half go through that door." The Game Master explained.
"Wait, you don't want to go in there." Artea came up. "It leads to the prison room. we had to break out of there once."
"Not a problem." Kevin shrugged. "Then all go that way!" Kevin pointed to the only door left.
"Hmmm...Seems to be locked." Lana tested. Break Man fired a plasma blast into the padlock. "No it isn't." he said, rehoisting his shield onto his back with a grin.
Dekar pushed open the door, which protested with a loud squeaking sound, but Dekar's strength opened the path ahead. Besides, Break Man's robotic strength could have opened it if Dekar couldn't.
"It's a war stockhouse!" Zelda commented breathlessly. There were swords, axes, armor, shields, and helmets of all kinds. "Hey, over there!" Daniel said with a point. There was another room. It opened with easier force than the last.
"An engine!" Captain N sounded. "Come on Artea! Let's get this this to Portravia!" Dekar said. "Right!" Artea responded with new enthusiasm. They all gathered around it, and Artea shouted "WARP!" The next instant they were gone, leaving behind Gratze Kingdom to never be seen again.
Chapter Thirteen

The four left the Jelze outside to stand watch with the guards in case of an attack. The castle wasn't huge, but it stumped them for a minute or two. Finally they found the staircase that took them to the throne room.
"Good mourning." the guard said. "Are you with the N-Team?" he asked.
"Yes. Someone sent us to see the king." Kid Icarus responded. "Good. This way, please." They followed the sentry through a huge double door, and into the throne room.
"Ah, the famed N-Team. It is an honor to meet your acquaintance." the king said cheerfully and got off the throne.
"Ha, um, we aren't all the N-Team." Link told him. "We came here to guard Parcelyte from the Sinistrals."
"The Sinistrals are going to attack here?" the king said, awestruck. "Yeah. I see it is a prime target what with Jeros here." Guy thought out loud.
"Wait...I remember Selan telling me about her son, Jeros. He lives with his aunt now." the king of Parcelyte informed them.
Mega Man gasped. "We have to protect him! Where is he now?" "Well, the house is in Parcelyte, on the east side of the town." the king told.
"What are we waiting for?" Guy shouted. With that they all dashed out of the castle to look for the house.
"Be careful." the king said to thin air.

As the liquid fire poured down the volcano, most of the enemies were destroyed, except for the Magma Gorems, of course, which waded through the lava. Occasionally a few were still swept away by the current, however. The ones left were easily beaten by Zeppy's water attacks.
"HAHAHAHA! You can't stop that puny city from destruction now!" Daos laughed with narrowed eyes.
But Lexis wasn't listening. He closed his eyes and shouted "DRAGON!" Instantly the Water Dragon was there, sending a small flood down the side of the mountain. "Yeah, Lexis!" Tia commended. "ICE VALK!"
The whole area turned a dark purple, and the Ice Queen was there to freeze everything Tia wished. As the snow and sleet halted the lava, Daos was very angry to see he was thwarted. But he used the steam to his advantage, and teleported out so nobody could see him.
"Wow!" Simon said, looking over the Magma Gorems, who were standing knee-deep in the newly settled rock, frozen into stone statues themselves. "Now that is how to sculpt!" the vampire slayer said, and Lexis teleported them to Durale so they could head for the Tower of Truth.

"Ah, its done!" Dr. Kirmo announced to the N-Team and other assorted Lufia members. "Wow, Dr. Kirmo! Thanks a lot!" Kevin told the scientist. "This should make our journey a lot easier." Artea said, patting Dr. Kirmo on the back. "And thanks for making it an airship, anyway. It should save some time."
"Don't mention it. Just go out there and whip some Sinistral!" "We promise!" Dekar grinned, and they all boarded it.
They first flew the new airship, which Dr. Kirmo dubbed the Wind Eagle. "Good thing we found another engine strong enough to fly us." Daniel yelled against the air flowing fiercly by his face. Daniel looked off the side and tried to spit on a tree. He lost track of it before it hit anything, though.
"There's the Tower of Truth!" Artea sounded, pointing to a huge free-standing shadow on the horizon. "This is our stop." Break Man climbed out of the Wind Eagle as they landed. "Good luck." Lana wished them. "Thanks." Dekar said, looking up the tower. It must be at least five or six stories high. "We're gonna need it..." he trailed, and the four started into the tower at a jog.
"We are here!" Lana said as they descending on the small, crescent-moon shaped island a few minutes later. They landed the ship their ride in the water with a plop, and the Wind Eagle turned into a submarine and they went into an underwater cave.
"Maxim entrusted me with this, in case he didn't make it back from Doom Island." Artea said, pulling out a small, green stone. Lana and Kevin looked at it inquisitively.
"It is the Mermaid Jade. The elder of Chaed gave it to us so we could go to Preamarl the first time. It appears we will need it again." Artea commented. The Jade was used to unlock the underwater gates that led to Preamarl. The gates kept out sea enemies that might wander into the city to attack.
No sooner than they boarded and docked the ship did a horde of enemies teleport in and attack. They all got out to repel the enemies, and they didn't have an incredibly difficult time. Artea used his bow most of the time. It could hold many arrows at once, and Artea has never missed an enemy yet, and it was very effective on the larger enemies such as the immense Sea Hidoras. Captain N switched his Zapper to fire and most of the enemies were beaten with two or three shots. The Evilfish were easy game now. Lana was still using the Zirco Rod Artea gave her at the Ancient Cave, against some Currents. It didn't have an IP attack to use, so Lana simply saved her IP until she got something she could use it with.
"Get out of here!" Artea shouted to the residents of Preamarl. A few complied, and those that didn't did when they saw the huge form behind the monsters. Artea didn't see it, nor did Kevin or Lana. Artea thrust his arms out and shouted "PHEONIX!"
The Flame Pheonix was there instantly. It resembled Blaze closely, except it was about ten times bigger. Blaze and Gusto were currently fighting some White Whales. The Firebird then turned the air an orange color, rippling back and forth with waves of fire. Then it descended with a battle scream, sending explosions against all the sea enemies. They were mostly destroyed, but reinforcements were coming.
Artea sensed the evil force, and dashed forward, ahead of his friends and the Capsules. He gasped. "Amon!"
Chapter Fourteen

Compared to the effort Lana, Kevin, and Artea were putting in at Preamarl, Daniel's party was having a relatively easy time. Most of the enemies were beaten, and there weren't any puzzles for them to solve.
"Wow, what's going on here?" Dekar asked as they headed up a staircase. "What's the point of having a Tower if there are no puzzles?" the warrior from Bound Kingdom asked. "Knock on wood..." Zelda told Dekar. Daniel looked back at them. "They were already solved when Maxim and the others passed through here the first time." Daniel grinned. "Don't tell me you want to do them over!" Dekar readily shook his head with a smile.
The enemies they did come across were few and far between. "How much farther?" Break Man asked, pelting a Serfaco with plasma. "Not too far. Maybe another floor or two." Daniel said.
They walked through another door, and couldn't believe their eyes. "Lexis! Tia! Simon!" Dekar called.
"We wondered where your four were." Simon said. "Glad to see you now. This is a tough puzzle." Lexis informed them.
There were a few crates and pots next to them. On the small ledge next to the one they were on was a switch, several other ledges with a switch. The switches obviously made bridges appear if there was something on them, but if it was removed, the bridge would disappear.
"We have tried this one over and over for almost ten minutes now. No luck." Simon explained, flopping down on the ground next to Daniel and Dekar, also sitting.
"I remember this puzzle. It sucked." Daniel pointed out. "Hey Dekar!" Zelda called from a few meters away. She began to knock on an oak pillar on the wall.
Dekar, Daniel, Break Man, and Zelda all laughed. "Guess I should have kept my mouth shut, huh?" Dekar said. Tia, Lexis, and Simon didn't get it.
Dekar was about to explain, but Daniel shot up. "I got it!" he said, smacking an open hand with the bottom of his fist.
"What do we do?" Lexis asked Daniel. "Okay, first we put the crate and pot on those switches..." Daniel said while putting the pot on the switch, and Simon assisted him by putting the crate on the other switch.
They all crossed the first bridge that appeared. "...Move that block on the bottom switch..." Daniel emphasized which switch, since there were two. Break Man pushed it onto the one under it.
Then they went back to where they started. It made another bridge appear, and they took the first pot they used, since it had served it's purpose there. They put it on another switch the new bridge led to. "...Then we cross these two bridges..." Daniel said, racing around one that led to a platform then across the other bridge on that one.
"...We put this crate on that switch..." Daniel said, and Dekar easily put it into place. "...Then we go to the left..." he said as they all crossed that bridge.
"...Push this block on the top switch..." which he did himself, and they went across the new bridge.
"...Place this crate on the lower-left switch..." Simon did as Daniel said. So far he had gotten them the furthest yet.
"Hmmm. I need a bomb." Daniel said. "I think I have one!" Simon lit up. He pulled off his travelers pack and began to sift through it. "No, no, not even close...Ah! here's one!" Simon pulled out a blue bomb with a fuse two inches long.
"Thanks Simon." Daniel said. "Zelda, can I borrow that Spark Staff?" "Mm hm." she said, handing to him with a curious eye.
"OK, now everybody get over there." Daniel pointed to the small section of floor suspended above the chasm in the Tower of Truth. They all moved over there. "Alright, now I am gonna have to run."
Daniel placed the bomb next to the crate. Daniel took a deep breath. He gazed at the glowing orange ball at the end of the Spark Staff.
With a fluid motion, he swiped the Staff across the fuse, and it lit.
"GET READY!" Daniel yelled as he dashed across the bridge. The bomb blew up the crate, and the bridge Daniel was on seconds ago disappeared, revealing the new bridge to take them to the door.
"Whew!" Daniel panted, lying on his back as he handed the Spark Staff back to Zelda. "...And we are here!"
Simon gave him a hand to get up. "What's wrong? That bomb blast was barely big enough to destroy the crate, let alone get you five meters away!"
Daniel faced him. "If I was on that platform when the bomb exploded, I would have been trapped with no bridges." Simon glanced over there. "Oh." he said worriedly.

"This is the house, I think." Guy pointed at it. Mega Man walked up and knocked twice. "Hello?" Link called. At first there was silence, but then an old lady opened the door.
"Hello there. Can I help you boys?" she asked. She had light blue hair and a pink dress. "Yes, we need to know if you have a boy that belonged to Maxim and Selan." Guy began.
The lady gasped. "Do you know them?" Guy moved closer. "Yes, they and I were good friends. My name is Guy." he offered her a hand. "Hello." Guy turned to introduce the others. "That's Kid Icarus, Mega Man, and Link." They eached waved.
"Please, come in." she said. They eached went inside and she ushered them downstairs. They all went to see baby Jeros.
"I am just used to being called Auntie. Here is their son, Jeros." They each leaned in close to see Jeros, asleep.
"Awww." Kid Icarus said. Then Auntie led them into the next room, and they each took a seat. "Listen, you need to take Jeros and leave!" Link told her.
"What, why?" she asked, a little shocked. "Have you heard of the Sinistrals?" Guy asked quietly. "Oh, those awful beings! They killed Maxim and Selan!"
"Yes, and they will do the same to you and Jeros unless you take him and mega get out of here!" the Blue Bomber said. "Wha...Are they back?" she asked, startled.
"Yes. We fought one of them already in the Ancient Cave, and the others are probably in battle right now as well." Guy told her.
"Well, they won't take my nephew!" she said and stood, preparing to pack.
"What was that?" Kid Icarus asked.
"The Sinistrals! Hide Jeros!" Link ordered, and they dashed outside.
"The castle is in a siege!" Mega Man yelled. "Come on! The Sinistrals will destroy all of Parcelyte if we don't hurry!" Guy shouted.
The party began to fight some of the stronger enemies first, some dragons and elemental genies. Link occasionally used his red potions to heal the wounded, since none of them could cast any healing spells.
"Come on, freaks!" Link taunted as he fought some Leeches and Archfiends. He used his magic carefully and his sword constantly.
Mega Man knew what magic could do to him from past experiences, so he was careful. Most of the physical attacks weren't too bad, however, so he was frequently taking the blows for the others. Still, the magic hurt him mainly. These enemies didn't drop any energy capsules and Link's potions wouldn't help the Blue Bomber.
Kid Icarus was helping Mega Man against some Grianos, and Guy pitched in too. Mega Man shot plasma charges at their feet, and when they fell Guy would easily slay them.
Kid Icarus noticed the lower tone his skin suddenly took. He looked over his hands and arms, then around him. He noticed there was a shadow growing on the ground. Kid Icarus turned to look up and yelled.
Chapter Fifteen

"Well, here goes." Daniel said, unlocking the door to the top floor of the Tower of Truth with the Truth Key.
The room was a decent size, with the Mirror of Truth sitting in the dead-center. There were some windows behind it that gave an awesome view of the landscape. But, the Mirror was all they cared about. It gave off a faint crimson glow, betraying the fact that the Potion of Power's energies were stored within it.
Dekar spoke first. "So all we gotta do is break it?" he asked. "Yup." Daniel said quietly, gazing at his reflection from where he stood.
There was a low sound that slowly rose, until it was a high squeak that never stopped. Everyone turned to see Break Man leaning against a wall in a mildly shaded area. He had a cocky smile, and a few small traces a blue, steaky light accompanied with white balls that hovered outside in the barrel of his arm cannon.
He began forward. "That's my specialty." he said, lining up his cannon.
Then, in the path of Break Man's aim and the Mirror, came a circle of lights encircling outward, and with a small flash of lightning, a figure appeared.
"Erim!" Dekar identified the Sinistral of Death in a heartbeat, and his Fry Sword was in his hand just as fast. Erim was a woman, of course, very beautiful at that. Her long, blue hair draped easily over her shoulders, protected by metal pads. The pads also held up her cape, scarlet red with golden linings on the bottom only, and the cape itself was purposely creased several times back and forth in straight lines. The rest of her armor covered her body, simple armored plates, which looked too heavy for her to sport so easily. Her sword was long, and the guard, which looked to be made of cement, had four large bones pointing down. The shield was worse, though-it was the huge skull of a hideous monster, with long sharp bones protruding from the edges. Erim had no shoes, either.
"If you wish to destroy the Mirror, you must first defeat me!" Erim taunted, swinging her sword in the air.
Daniel stepped forward. "Erim...You can't do this! Don't you remember? At Doom Island..."
"That was the past!" Erim snapped. "You must accept the fact that I am a Sinistral, the very embodiment of evil! I cannot change." "But you CAN change!" Daniel blurted, remembering the battle as if he were there.

Gades, Amon, and Erim were all defeated, and Daos was near death himself after a fierce battle. Daos called on the life energy of the other three Sinistrals to dispose of the four Lufia members. Maxim, Selan, Guy, and Artea gathered their powers together to break the energy seal, and they succeeded, ridding themselves and the world of the Sinistrals.
Maxim was the only one who stood on the elevated platform after they were eliminated. He slowly descended the steps to aid his friends.
"Hey Guy, you OK?" Maxim asked.
"It'll take more to get rid of me than that!" Guy said with a weak smile, and stood to join Maxim.
"Artea? How are you doing?" Maxim asked the elf.
"I'll be fine." Artea said.
"Selan! Selan, where are you?" Maxim asked.
Maxim crossed the glass bridge to meet Selan, leaving Guy and Artea to watch with awe a few meters away.
"We did it, Selan." Maxim told his wife. "Yes, we did..."
"And now, we can go home to our son, Jeros." Maxim said happily.
"No." Selan said dejectedly.
"What?" Maxim said, worried.
"I won't make it..." she said, struggling to get out the words. "When the energy barrier ruptured, it hurt me as well. I can barely speak..."
"Selan!" Maxim yelled to her.
Then all of Doom Island shook violently, destroying the glass bridge, while Artea and Guy were on it! The two immediately reacted, and jumped back up to solid ground. But, they were on the wrong side. Guy and Artea on the on end, Maxim and Selan on the other. And only Artea could cast Warp!
"Maxim! You're too far away!" Artea yelled.
"I will NOT leave Selan!" Maxim growled.
"Maxim! We can't reach you!" Guy shouted above the tremors.
"GO! Get out of here, NOW!" Maxim snapped.
"......" Artea couldn't think of anything to say to change Maxim's mind.
"Let's go, Artea." Guy said quietly.
"But Guy! We can't just..." Artea pleaded.
"Maxim wants us to go. There is nothing we can do to help him now." Guy said firmly, Maxim looking on, hoping to be left.
"GO, NOW ARTEA!" Maxim yelled above the shockwaves that ravaged across the island.
"Maxim! I promise to tell the world of this victory! WARP!" Artea shouted with sorrow before he Warped himself and Guy off Doom Island.
Maxim laid his head down on Selan, and her love, even when she had already died had comforted him. Not even the tremors, knowing they were thousands of feet up with no way out, or the fact that the Sinistrals could return, nothing could seem to phase him. For once in his life, he was happy.
Then abruptly the groundshocks stopped. "What's going on?" Maxim asked to thin air.
Then an image of Daos appeared in front of Maxim.
"I may have lost, Maxim, but I still have this island!" Daos growled in a deep, threatening voice.
"What?" Maxim asked in disbelief. "I will drop Doom Island onto Seim Island, where Parcelyte sits! It will be my final act of terror!" Daos laughed to Maxim.
Daos then teleported out, his life energy spent.
"Drop Doom Island onto Parcelyte? What am I gonna do?" Maxim wailed in tears. Jeros was still there, his and Selan's son.
Maxim then heard a low sound, one that sounded like someone teleporting in or out.
Slowly Maxim raised his head.
"I...Iris?" Maxim asked with only mild confusion to the aura in front of him. Iris was Erim's good alter-ego, one who helped Maxim and his friends through their journey.
Iris remained silent.
"No, you're not Iris. I can sense your energy waves...The same waves as Erim!" Maxim said matter-of-factly.
Again Iris said nothing.
"Why? Why did you help us, Erim?" Maxim asked.
"It was a battle of judgement for us, Maxim." Erim said, closing her eyes and lowering her head.
"A battle of judgement?" Maxim said in a still emotionally torn face.
"To see that humans act alone and have meaning." Erim began to explain.
"You mean that humans don't need faith?" Maxim asked her in bewilderment.
"No, humans still need faith." Erim tried to comfort.
Maxim dropped the subject when a tear brushed down his cheek, making him remember the Island.
"Erim, you've got to help me! Doom Island is going to fall onto Parcelyte! You must know of some way to stop it!" Maxim's mind was thinking a million things to ask, and saying twice as many.
"I do, but I cannot tell you." Erim stated flatly.
"Why not?" Maxim asked, his hopes sinking.
"I am the Mistress of Death. It would be against my nature to save the lives of many." Erim said with regret.
"But you have appeared now, in the form of Iris!" Maxim shouted.
Erim was shocked. Maxim was right.
"The Iris I know would have wanted to help those in need, not to let them perish." Maxim told her the warm description Iris gave him during their venture.
Iris looked as if she were in pain.
"Cannot.....last....energy...fading....." Erim stammered, not knowing whether to help Maxim or obey her heritage.
"Iris, tell me please!" Maxim begged her, throwing Dual Blade down.
Erim snapped her head up in determination. "At the foot of Doom Island are three Mystic Stones that control it's direction. Destroy them to alter it's course." Erim told him. "With my last breath I shall open up the path down." Erim waved her arm, and in a flash of blue light the area where the glass bridge had been formed a new, transparent walkway to a warp.
Maxim smiled. "Thank you, Erim."
"Hurry! You have little time!" Erim gestured to the warp, then ran out of life energy and disappeared.
Maxim picked up Dual Blade and entered the warp, leaving behind Selan's lifeless body.
Maxim emerged at the foot of Doom Island, seeing the clouds rush by as they plummeted for earth. He was on a narrow walkway, interconnected with other very thin ones to make a maze to the Mystic Stones. All the walls and paths were scorched black, barely big enough for Maxim.
Nevertheless, Maxim raced for the first stone the instant he caught sight of it. He reached it within moments.
Maxim used his own life energy to destroy it, the dazzling blue circle of power obliterating the Mystic Stone and eliminating the glow from within it.
Maxim grinned. "All right. Two left." He told himself.
The Stone's destruction opened a door across the room, and Maxim dashed for it. The hallway was black, but only a few meters long. Maxim emerged in the room for the second Mystic Stone, his surroundings exactly the same as the first room, except the maze was different. Maxim rounded the corners, the wind and altitude hardly fazing him. Maxim then approached it and destroyed it with his energy as he did the first and it crumbled, light emanating from the rock gone.
Maxim's final goal was in sight, but constantly using his energy to such extents was exhaustion, but he pressed on. "Only one left." Maxim grinned and watched the broken stone a moment longer and sprinted for the new door. The same short hallway and same room with black walls and walks waited on the other side, and in mere seconds Maxim had traversed it all and was staring up at the third Mystic Stone.
"Here we go!" Maxim shouted, and sent his energy at it strong as he could.
The third Mystic Stone grew brighter as it shook off Maxim's blow.
"I'm not strong enough to destroy this one!" Maxim wailed, once more remembering his little Jeros. Was there any hope for him? Before he could continue to mourn, Maxim felt a soft pulse in his hand.
Dual Blade was glowing.
Maxim held up the sword of legend, and felt a rush of it's power. Their energies embraced. "Dual Blade..." Maxim commented in quiet awe.
"All right!" Maxim shouted at the top of his lungs. "Lend your power to mine, in this, my final blast of strength Dual Blade!"
Dual Blade pulsed even brighter than all of the Mystic Stones combined, and Maxim emptied all of his reserves into one more attack of his energy.
The third Mystic Stone shuddered once and disintegrated.
Doom Island shook once, and Maxim could see the clouds shift and begin to meld into a blur, but it wasn't in the direction of Parcelyte.
"I did it!" Maxim said, exhausted. "Oh, Selan, I feel so tired. I just want to curl up by you and sleep for awhile."
Then, a light pink ball flew into the room, and landed in the spot where the Mystic Stone was moments ago. Slowly it took shape.
"Selan?" Maxim asked. It was identical to her, but he could see right through her! It was like a ghost!
You did it, Maxim.
Selan didn't say it, but her words rang into his mind.
"Yeah, I guess I did!" Maxim said confidently.
Let's go, Maxim.
Maxim smiled. "Yeah. Let's go."
Then abruptly his body turned into an apparation just as Selan's did. All the wind and noise totally disappeared, replaced by silence. Maxim walked on thin air toward his wife, where only a few short seconds ago he would have plummeted thousands of feet to death.
He approached her and they stood, facing each other with loving smiles. Right then, sparkles filled the room, mainly revolving around Maxim and Selan.
Maxim then turned into a soft blue ball of light, and Selan to a light pink one. They slowly floated away from Doom Island, leaving behind a trail of sparkles. They could see Doom Island come so close to Parcelyte, then turn sharply and head for the sea, where it plummeted and sank.
Then Maxim and Selan flew off to see their friends, but the friends who couldn't see them. Maxim and Selan's balls of light, constantly swirling around one another, flew first over Eserikto, to see how Artea was telling Milka about how they had won, and were going to Guy's for he party. Milka was worried and saw Artea's hurt eye, but he told Milka not to worry, for it was a time to celebrate peace.
They then flew over Tanbel to see Guy, and see him get yelled at by Hilda and Jesse, his girlfriend. They were worried when they saw Doom Island start to fall. But Guy told them they had to prepare for the party.
Maxim and Selan then flew to Bound Kingdom to see Dekar talking to Prince James, telling him that he was a stronger fighter than Maxim, but he was only kidding, and James and Dekar both knew he was only playing. James asked Dekar if Maxim would return, and Dekar seemed positive he would, since they never had a swordfight. Little did Dekar know that that match against Maxim would never come.
The two flew next to Treadool to see Lexis, who was talking to Dr. Kirmo about where Doom Island would fall, but before he could check it out, Dr. Kirmo ordered Lexis to go to Guy's party. Lexis wished they were always this happy.
Maxim and Selan flew then over Elcid, to see Tia staring blankly at Doom Island fall into the sea. One of Tia's friends then walked out and asked her what was wrong, but Tia tried to remain quiet. She finally noticed Tia was crying, and Tia was surprised to see she was right. Tia hadn't cried since childhood, and she didn't know why she was now. Her friend told her to always cry when you are hurt or sad, and tomorrow it will always be better.
Finally, Maxim and Selan flew over Parcelyte to see Jeros.
Auntie was there, cradling him. Jeros woke up and spoke his first words.
Auntie told Jeros that his mother would be home soon, and began to wonder if he had a dream about his mother. Then she said quietly that Jeros's father and mother saved this world.
She looked down in astonishment to see Jeros smiling.
Then Selan and Maxim embraced, and floated off into the sky.

"Enough!" Erim shouted. The thoughts of what she did were burned in her memory, but she tried to push them aside. "Do you wish to face me?"
Daniel slowly drew his Zapper, but fast enough to tell Erim he was serious. "Erim, we don't want to, but the Sinistrals must be stopped!"
Erim took that as a yes. She raised her sword and shouted "DARK FRY!" A black ball charged with lightning flew forth and exploded at them. Most of them knew enough of what the effects of a spell did to determine what element was being used, and knowing the Sinistrals anyway, it was a Darkness attack.
The spell caused Break Man to lose his charge, but he had another ready in moments. "Aw, bite me!" the Red Raider growled and unleashed his fully charged plasma blast.
Chapter Sixteen

"I see you haven't forgotten, elf." Amon hissed. Amon had on armor with muscles that protruded, but armor did that. It was a goldish color as well, but it didn't shine very well. Amon has silver hair about shoulder length, and a large metal spear with a guard by the point. Where the point and the guard intersected, there were strange markings none of them could read.
"How could I forget?!? You killed Karen!" Artea screamed. "I did not kill her. She used her own power to expel me from the Divine Shrine, and she perished. If she had just opened that door..." Amon began, but Artea dashed at him, his fury never slowing down.
Artea jumped the spear swipe, and shot his arm with an arrow. He was lucky, because it managed to penetrate at a joint in the elbow.
"AARRRGGGHH!" Amon yelled as he pulled out the projectile. Artea was about to shoot another arrow, but Amon slapped his bow away, and punched the elf down.
Kevin and Lana charged at the Sinistral of Chaos, Kevin's Zapper blazing. He switched it back to regular, and it seemed to hurt Amon more. Amon was going to drive the blade on the spear right through the Game Master, but it instead ground the blade into the cement ground.
While Amon tried to pull it out, Artea was preparing a spell. He knew the major weakness of a Sinistral. Light. So Artea prepared his strongest light spell.
He raised his hands into the air and shouted "ZAP!" With this, an image of a black mountain on a dark blue horizon was projected behind Amon, and under him was a large triangle spinning around in a circle. The two shapes had small white balls with trails following them, and they soared into the air, nearly 30 or 40 of them. Then it all disappeared, and the balls of light slammed into Amon, leaving a small explosion in their passing.
Amon staggered back in daze and pain. They began forward to do physical attacks, but before they could approach, Amon's head snapped up and he shouted "CHAOS WAVE!"
This is a spell only known by Amon, though several others are similarly cast by the rest of the Sinistrals. It shot forth a green ball circled with white lines, and columns of light blasted everywhere. When it all stopped, Lana dropped her Zirco Rod and raised a hand to her head. "Wha?" she asked.
"Oh no!" Artea shouted to Kevin as the elf fought back Amon. "He confused her! She may attack us!" Chaos wave didn't do any damage, but instead either made the target paralyzed, where they simply cannot move, or confused, where the person does not know who they are fighting with or against, cause them to fall asleep, where they go into a light coma right where they stand, or poison them, where they slowly lose energy.
Lana picked up her Zirco Rod and started for Kevin. The Game Master managed to dodge the first swipe, then stepped on it, holding it to the ground. "Lana!" he shouted. "It's me! Captain N!" then he gently placed his arms on her shoulders. "It's Kevin." he said with a faint smile.
Lana rubbed her eyes. "Kevin?" she asked. Then she smiled as well. "Kevin!" Lana shouted, and jumped to hug him. Then she broke off the hug all-too-quick for Kevin. "Oh no! Amon!"
Captain N drew out his Zapper and pelted Amon with it's blue beams. Amon didn't like them apparently, and was constantly casting spells to increase his defense. Artea switched his attacks from his bow to using the Dragon Spear, and Lana repeatedly swung her Zirco Rod at the evil being. Blaze and Gusto also used intense fire and thunder magics against Amon, so he was always on his toes.
"Look out!" Captain N shouted. They all drew away from the Sinistral of Chaos. Kevin pressed a button on his Control Pad, and in a flash he shoulder-butted Amon in the water, about knee-depth.
"I always serve Sinistral slightly chilled!" Kevin shouted, and switched his Zapper to ice right before he froze all the water around Amon's legs for about a meter radius.
Amon lost his balance and fell backward, right where the water gave away to the real ocean floor-hundreds of feet down!
"All right!" Kevin shouted, jumping up with his Zapper skyward. "You did it!" Artea shouted, running by and clapping Kevin on the back. "We." Kevin corrected, gazing at Lana.
"Oh man! Amon is getting away!" Captain N growled, just barely catching the ball of light flying up through the water. All the monsters fled, fearing the same might come of them as did their leader.
Artea then snapped into his senses. "The Mirror! It has to be broken!"
Guy and Mega Man shot their heads up at Kid Icarus's warning. Guy snatched up Mega Man and Kid Icarus and rolled out of the way of the fallen arrow turrent.
"Gades!" Link yelled at the Sinistral of Destruction. "You're gonna pay for this!"
Gades let out a vile laugh. "I can do whatever I wish, Hyrulian warrior." Gades knocked down another turrent, and while the party successfully avoided it, it crushed some monsters.
"Blast it!" Gades cried furiously, and jumped off his perch to instead fight first hand. Guy and Link met him halfway to allow for Mega Man and Kid Icarus to prepare their attacks. Kid Icarus was searching his vast array of arrows, and Mega Man was preparing a charge.
It seemed like an eternity to wait for the energy to accumulate in his plasma cannon, but when Mega Man wasn't dodging attacks or firing, he was thinking of the three pixies he had helped not too long ago. The pixies that were a race mixed of faerie and elf, and the pixies that wielded the magic of three and eventually to a lesser extent between them, the four cores of magic.
The pixies Zunder, Bleu, and Blaze.
He and the N-Team had searched all over Megaland to find the way for the pixies back to their homeland. Zunder, Bleu, and Blaze were twin sisters, and constantly thinking the same and finishing each others sentences.
Break Man and Mega Man had held those magics for the pixies when they weren't up to it, and the pixies finally rewarded them for all the help-not that Mega Man and Break Man expected one, no, but for all the sacrifices they had made to help them get home with their magics. Both the robot's plasma cannons powers were increased.
Now Mega Man knew he would need all the power he could muster.
Guy took a blow from Gades, but he wanted himself to get hit. Now his IP was full. Guy raised the Sky Sword and shouted "SKYSPLITTER!"
The power in the sword would, in exchange for all his IP, let him attack all the enemies with one slash, then the survivors would get hit with the Thunder spell.
As with Zap, the dark sky and black mountain formed, but now the Thunder monster appeared and shot streaks of white light upward before he intensely electrocuted Gades.
The Sinistral howled in agony as he felt himself shocked. He could see the lightning coursing through his body.
Finally Gades resumed his attack, but was forced to raise his shield when he heard Kid Icarus's bowstring sing.
The arrow with the strange red glow was firmly embedded in Gades shield with a thunk! "Ha!" Gades laughed to the winged archer. But Kid Icarus seemed satisfied.
"What in blazes....AAAAGGGGGGHHH!" Gades yelled and threw his shield down. It was instantly melted in an incinerating fire.
"All right!" Kid Icarus sounded, raising his bow high. "Good job, Pit!" Guy said with enthusiasm.
Mega Man released his seventh consecutive plasma blast at Gades, and he was hit square in the chest. Gades stood up shakily and yelled "RETREAT!"
The Sinistral then teleported out, and all the monsters left the city without leadership. The whole party as well as Parcelyte was cheering.
"Come on guys! To the Tower of Truth! We have to help the others!" Guy sand with a victorious tone.
Chapter Seventeen

By the time Captain N and Link's group arrived at the top of the Tower of Truth, all the members of the other two groups were lying on the cold marble floor, motionless.
Daos laughed an evil laugh. "Hahaha! They are all that remains! Destroy them!" Daos ordered.
Apparently after Amon and Gades were beaten, they had come here to defend the Mirror as well. Daos had showed up moments before the second half of Videoland's resistance arrived, the Lufia members and the N-Team. Fighting three Sinistrals at once makes it nearly impossible to emerge victorious.
The Sinistrals slowly approached their opposition.
But they were one short.
"Erim?" Amon asked her. She gazed into the Mirror of Truth, seeing and image nobody else could see.
Her reflection was Iris.
"No. Stop." Erim ordered quietly with her head lowered. This surprised everyone. "Are you delirious? Come on Erim! They are all that stands between us and domination of the universe!" Gades growled.
"SILENCE GADES!" Erim snapped furiously at his reflection in the Mirror of Truth.
"All of you! We can not rule a world with such tyranny! Don't you see? Don't you understand..." Erim was cut off as Gades and Amon clamped their hands on her shoulders and threw her to the other group.
Erim stood whit the N-Team and the Lufia team and shouted "VALOR!"
All those defeated, which were Daniel and Lexis's groups, were encased in a soft green light, and all their energy was restored, even the power lost by Mega Man and Break Man. It restored much of their working power, but they were still sore.
"Whoa, what happened?" Dekar asked, running a hand through his blue spiked hair. Everyone was shocked to see Erim had cast it.
Daniel stepped up to her. "I knew you could do it, Erim." Erim at the Sinistrals and said, "Iris, the giver of life!"
Daos was extremely angry to hear that. "OK, Erim. The fact that you are my sister will be forgotten, for you must also perish!" Daos then drew out a glinting sword with a small blade sticking out of the side. The guard was blue and gold, a magnificent sword.
"Dual Blade!" Daniel gasped.
Chapter Eighteen

"How did you get your evil claws on it?" Artea followed up.
"Arek called it from the depths of the ocean! You now stand no chance!" Daos laughed. He then held up the sword of legend, and a barrier of power swept out from the three remaining Sinistrals, slowly getting bigger.
Then the room filled with light, and two balls flew in, one blue and one pink. Slowly they took form.
"Ma...MAXIM?" Guy asked, stunned. "And Selan!" Lexis noted his wife too.
"Hello, friends." They said simultaneously. Then they turned to face the three Sinistrals. "Daos! Amon! Gades! You will be obliterated for misusing Dual Blade and practicing such raw evil!" Maxim snapped, and held up a hand. In a flash, the energy barrier was gone, and Dual Blade was floating in the air.
It floated over to Daniel and landed in his grip, ringing loudly. Daniel snapped his head back. "Wha...What a RUSH! It's like holding a lightning bolt!" Daos was infuriated. "ANOTHER human making Dual Blade ring?!? Impossible!"
But it did ring.
It had chosen good over evil, and it had chosen Daniel over Daos. It sang into the air its high pitched tone, signaling Daniel was it's new wielder.
If red means anger, it looked like Daos's head was on fire. "ATTACK!" the Sinistral of Terror yelled to his remaining team. Erim cast Dark Fry, but since it was a Dark attack, the Sinistrals merely shook off it's effects. Erim went through her other spells to find a stronger one, and finally ended up healing most of the time.
Link held up a medallion with a cracked rock on it. The knight from Hyrule held it up and yelled "QUAKE!" Then Link jumped up and thrust his sword into the ground, and in a flash of purple thunder on the ground, the whole room was in a violent quake, shaking the Sinistrals to their knees.
Break Man and Mega Man were always charging, for the normal plasma shots were easily blocked by their armor, and most of the time charging was all they could do for fear of hitting their allies.
Guy, Dekar, Lexis, Zelda, Lana, and Simon all doubled-up on each Sinistral to help hold away their magic. Kid Icarus and Artea fired their arrows whenever they had a clear shot, but normally Artea was casting Zap while Kid Icarus covered him.
Kevin and Daniel shot their zapper at almost point blank to avoid hitting friends as well as the others had. Daniel shot the lesser, because Dual Blade caused so much damage to the Sinistrals. Tia was normally casting spells to increase attack, defense, and agility. Zeppy, Jelze, Blaze, Darbi, Sully, and Gusto normally were attacking the Sinistrals from behind, while Flash was helping Erim in healing the others.
Dekar got hit with the full force of one of Gades's Destructo Waves, and he noticed his IP was full. "About time!" Dekar growled. "SIZZLE!" Dekar used the IP of the Fry Sword, which let him attack all the Sinistrals with one fell swoop, then cast Zap. Then Dekar jumped up and yelled "BLASTMASTER!" A wall of flaming explosions nailed the Sinistrals, sending them reeling.
But the N-Team and Lufia team was losing. Fighting three Sinistrals at once, even with the second most powerful one on your side is still a near impossible task.
Maxim and Selan's spirits were helping Dual Blade's efficiency with Daniel, however. Daniel took a blow and rolled, blodd flowing pretty freely from his mouth. The shot sent him next to the Mirror of Truth. Maxim looked at Daniel from mere inches away. Daniel was a little scared, but he knew Maxim was going to help him.
"The Mirror, Daniel." Maxim urged the second Game Master.
Daniel suddenly remembered the whole purpose of the Mirror. It was keeping the Sinistrals alive with the Potion of Power. Daniel suddenly realized that it was giving them an endless supply of energy and magic!
Daniel turned to destroy the Mirror, but yelped when he saw the reflections of the Sinistrals. The creatures in the Mirror were so hideous Daniel looked away instantly.
But he gathered all his courage, and tossed Dual Blade into the air, and caught it by it's handle backwards. Then he threw it like a spear toward the Mirror.
The Mirror of Truth smashed into a thousand pieces.
Daniel, still holding his pose, realized what he had just done. "Oh, no! Erim!"
Chapter Nineteen

The other three Sinistrals were screaming in agony. Their bodies were losing lines here and there, and while the lines somewhat reappeared, they were going away faster than they could be returned. Finally the Sinistrals were gone.
"Are you alright, Erim?" Lana asked her. "I am dying, but it is best this way, friends. Better I die than a whole world."
Maxim and Selan floated over to her. "Thank you for fixing your ways." Erim grinned weakly. "Thank you for helping me see it."
Then Erim's body turned into a much lighter color. All of her was still there, only she was mildly transparent.
The group huddled closer. Daniel could feel a vibration in his hand. He didn't even have to look down. Dual Blade...
"Maxim?" Daniel asked quietly.
"Yes?" The hero replied.
Everyone could hear him in their mind, even though his lips weren't moving. Some sort of telepathy.
"C...Could you return Dual Blade to Doom Island?" Daniel asked meekly, presenting the sword to Maxim.
"Yes. It would be safer there, wouldn't it?"
"I was thinking it would. We couldn't let Mother Brain or Dr. Wily try to get it. There is no telling what kind of power could be harnessed from it if they tried."
"Who are they?" Selan asked.
"Our enemies, who use such power sources for evil." Captain N spoke up. Selan smiled. "A heroes work is never done, huh?"
"Nope." Lana grinned.
"I think it should be safer in Doom Island as well." Maxim said.
Selan looked up. "Come on, Erim. It's time to go."
Erim nodded and walked closer. "Yes. Let's go."
"Goodbye!" Everybody rang out at once.
"Goodbye, friends. Good luck in future battles. Take care of Jeros!"
Everyone gathered around to look out one of the windows in the Tower of Truth. Maxim's blue ball thrust into the water where Doom Island fell, far off in the distance, and reemerged in seconds. He, Selan, and Erim, who had a white ball, then flew out into the sky.
"Well, I guess that's that." Artea said quietly.
Almost everyone had tears forming in the rims of their eyes, provided they weren't already flowing freely.
"Everyone gather around." Tia said quietly. "ESCAPE!" In a flash of white light, they left behind the shattered Mirror of Truth and the days accomplished tasks.
As the group was walking to the Wind Eagle. Daniel suddenly stopped.
"That is why I was brought here." he said plainly. Everyone else stopped and turned.
"What do you mean?" Dekar asked. Daniel slowly looked up. "Dual Blade."
"What do you mean?" Lana repeated secondly.
"Dual Blade knew of the impending danger. It knew the Sinistrals would return." He paused, remembering Maxim.
"And it knew it would need a new wielder to it."
"So, that's why the Ultimate Warp Zone brought you here!" Kevin rang out, suddenly seeing what Daniel was getting at.
"Yeah." he said quietly. Everyone knew why Daniel was sad.
"I...I thought there would be more to it...My coming here, for..." Daniel stammered, lowered his hands. Lana walked over to him. "Daniel, for all we know, if that was all you were sent here for, the Ultimate Warp Zone may have already sent you back. You probably still have several tasks to help us fufill...This was just one." Daniel looked at her and then back down, heaving a sigh.
There was a long silence.
"Well, come on. Let's go to Tanbel." Simon said, putting his arm around Daniel. "You'll feel better after dinner and a spar with me!"
Daniel grinned. "Thanks, Simon."
Mega Man joined him then as well. "How about I show you some Robot Master weapons sometime?" Mega Man and Break Man offered.
"That'd be great!" Daniel said.
Kid Icarus fluttered down to Daniel then as well. "And I would love to show you Angeland!"
Daniel laughed. "That would be great, Kid Icarus."
All of the Lufia team walked up. "And we can always show you the other regions of Lufia."
"You guys are good friends." Daniel said a little weakly. Kevin, Lana, Link, and Zelda all agreed to raise his spirits as well.
"We can show you Hyrule and Kongoland, too." Daniel accepted.
With higher spirits than when they entered the Tower of Truth, they left it on the Wind Eagle happier than ever.

Daniel sat outside the Palace of Power on a small bluff. It was a star filled night, and almost midnight. He was gazing up into the black night sky. The ground and trees were easy to see with the added help of the moon. Most of the N-Team members were asleep now, for most of the light in the Palace was off.
Daniel had his legs dangling off the side of the short cliff of dirt, and his head was propped up on his hands, which were sitting on his knees.
He saw a small ball of blue light slowly fly across the horizon, small sprinkles raining from it's passing.
Daniel slowly grinned at it. "I guess you can rest easy now, Maxim." Daniel said, and stood to slowly walk back to the Palace of Power.